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07-14-2012, 11:45 PM
Hello everyone I should have did this in the first place, for now on I will post every 360 game modded xex, Trainer and Jtag tool in this post. So it will be easier to find what your looking for. If you use these online try not to get banned.


Halo 3 XEX

1..The Xex include Aimbot-All Armor Unlock+Flaming Helmet-Sercurity Checks Remove from Maps and Armor- Infinite Ammo.


Tons of credit goes to the work of (JTAG)jesterSnipes & unknown_v2

2.. The Xex enable Real Time memory Editing, if used online non host. With this you can change anything from the map, and tranform velchiles to motorcycles ETC. Custom ammo, Super Jump, Airbone Speed and many more.

Credit SuperModder911


Call of Duty MW2 TU7 Mini Menu

1. The Xex and Dll Include
NonHost Team Changer-Enable Xp Lobby- Bypass Tu7- Infections and more.


Credit Doremue


Sonic Adventure Minecraft port Xex

Coming Soon

Credit Steven

Metal Gear Solid SnakeEater XEX
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Hd Edition

easy instructions to follow here

Dump MGS3.xex into metal gear game folder (DUH!!!)

launch default.xex
and choose MetalGear Solid3 Snake Eater

this has infinite ammo and clips for all guns and infinite grenades
not much but its a start lol
Enjoy i will be doin both discs and both games when i get chance to and adding a **** ton more stuff hopefully

Download here
Credited: Enigma

Red Dead Redemption Undead Xex
right thanks to my very good man SonicRat this xex has been made possible
drop this xex in ya red dead undead nightmare game folder

load the game up

selec cheat menu and input any word you want to unlock all cheats

this will also enable saving while cheating

Please note this will show an error message about cheevos unavaliable cos of saved cheats(but we all know ya cant save cheats on the game untill now)
massive thanks to SonicRat once again

who created this file and gave me the ok 2 release this file as its not been done previously
Credit Enigame

F1 2011 v2Xex
right this is V2 of my modded xex for this game
the first version had a few bugs where you couldnt complete R&D objectives
thats now been addressed and fixed

race will restart twice after multiple AI Incidents
your then free to race at any speed and guarantee a win
make sure ya do at least 1 lap on Qualify then let the time just go down
DONT go back to garage as it will estimate AI times

as stated above the race will restart twice because of Race Incidents even tho the cars never move off the start line
after second restart your free to race as you wish

all AI will end up DNF in race regardless of difficulty
DONT set your fuel mix to rich(3) as you might blow your engine as its stuck in 1st gear on maximum revs

download link here

this game is Hard As Hell 2mod
so if ya think ya can do better please knock yaself out lol
Credit Enigam

TU11 Blackops Zombie Xex
button back noclip give ammo give spikemore give sticky grenade give microwavegun_upgraded
DPAD_UP "God give humangun_upgraded give minigun give claymore give monkey give shrink_ray give spikemore give sticky_grenade
DPAD_DOWN dropweapon
button_b toggleprone
button_lshldr smoke give spikemore
button_rshldr frag
BUTTON_RTRIG attack give ammo
BUTTON_LTRIG speed_throw give ammo

Credit Enigma

Resident Evil 4 XEX
The Xex includes Inf Ammo
Credit Egnigma

Resident Evil 4V2
infinite ammo
all purchases cost 0 such as first aid spray,maps
all weapon upgrades cost 0

so now your thinkin "well god damn man hows that gonna help me out in the game?"

let me answer that for ya
seeing as ALL buys are free what we do is get enuff cash to buy anything
buy that item for free sell it back to the merchant for profit

u can buy as much crap as your current money allows for free then sell it back for more money
Download here
Credit: Enigma

Resident Evil 5Xex
Quick and easy how to for this game
drop Resident5.xex into your game and launch via Fsd or xex menu
enjoy infinite ammo on all guns

Download here

titleupdate 5 files download here

still only infinite ammo for now but i will get round to the health another day
Credit Enigma

Reaident Evil CodeCeronica Xex
this is a straight forward modded xex just bang this in root of game folder
boot up the Modded.xex
enjoy runnin thru the game

included in this xex is
Infinite Health
Infinite Ammo

Download here

infinite ammo works but for sum weird @ss reason Bats seem to lower the health a bit dunno why lol
so just keep 1 Green Herb on you at all times just incase.
Credit: Enigma

Resident Evil 6 Demo XEX
extract all the contents from the demo file with wxpirs
drag TeamXpg.xex into game folder
drag the whole folder into jtag games location (if its not allready there)
launch TeamXpg.xex


Download here
Credit: Enigma

Resident Evil Racoon City Xex
The Xex include Region Free 1. Unlimited Ammo For All Weapons ( Mainweapons and Sidearms )
2. No Reload For All Weapons ( Mainweapons and Sidearms )
3. Unlimited Grenades ( Frag,Incendiary*,Stun )
4. Unlimited FirstAid Spray*
5. Unlimited AntiVirus Spray*
Credit Dulma


Ftp the files in the root of Vice city folder, and delete Vc_Final

*Cops cant hurt you.*
*FBI cant hurt you.*
*Swat cant hurt you.*
*Night sticks cant hurt you BUT you can use it back on other people.*
*All meele weapons meele super fast.*
*Mini gun is super strong.*
*Every gun is one hit kills except the Cops, FBI, and Swat guns.*
*A hell of alot more ammo.*
*Pedestrians are afraid of you when you hit them (they cant hurt you).*
*Guns have unlimited radious.*
*Flamethrower seems to go on for unlimited time.*
*Every gun shoots SUPER FAST (rocket launcher shoots rockets out as fast as mini gun).*
*Cops, and FBI cars are just tires and lights on the ground (you can Drive/Walk/Run over them).*
*If you really want to drive the cop car around (like me ) all you gotta do, is go to the police station, and grab a cop car.*
*The Cop car at the police station, can drive on walls, and on cars too, if positioned right.*
*The Cop car at police station's tires are sideways, and the cop car drives upside-down.*
*Motorcycles can run into street lights AND CARS and still drive (when running into cars, it shoots the cars out of the way).*
*Increased acceleration of all Vehicals.*
*Increased top speed of all vehicals.*
*Increased steering of all Vehicals.*
*Increased braking for all vehicals.*
*Explosions are MUCH BIGGER.*
*Explosions are flame clouds.*
*You can go back much further and still not fall off the motorcycles when doing a wheele.*
*You cant fall when you are doing a stoppie on motorcycle, unless you hit a wall, or something with more mass than you (which isn't much).*
*Some cars explode twice.*
*When cars goes into the ocean, bright white flames appear.*
*Bigger gun flashes.*
*More car smoke.*
*When it rains, it rains fire.

This to do in V2
Make Every other mod that changes the main.scm file, is compatible with this mod
Super Sprint
Jump Height
Bloody footprints
flying Cars

Credit Pimp


Forza 4


time of day


wheelie cars

No bonnet's


Backfire Color's

Fast cars

track temp is x1000

drivable Homespace

All unicorns buyable

all cars 1 CR

Tire Grip x10 (drag tire)

Much more Smoke

Coloured smoke

Backfire timer removed (For way more backfires)

Sparks instead of smoke

No damage in any race

Redicilous fast drag cars

Drift XP scale is 5x more

Engine swaps

All badges and titles unlocked

CR from Races x1000

Track Spawning (infineon long - burnout area)

All Cars slammed

All Cars rewarded from races sell for 999999999

Fast driver level up

Fast Affinity level up

Pit Zones speed limit increased

Alot more CR from leveling

All parts free

Camber 20 degree's both ways

Toe 20 degree's both ways

Final Drive min 0.01 / max 20.1

Gear Ratio's min 0.01 / max 20.1

All engines weigh 1kg

More CR from event bonus

Caster max 20

MW2 TU4-6 Mod Menu
Speeds Custom Patch With Verification http://www.mediafire.com/?dvywxxjnxlh
GodlyModz First Patchhttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=6MH374AQ
GodlyModz V.3 http://www.mediafire...bh0mqy305sngx69
Dudeitsbrianspatch http://www.mediafire.com/?mur22z2tnza
New Dudeitsbrians Patch http://www.mediafire...lqql4yaw86bo9dv
Dudeitsbrians with deprestige and 11th http://www.mediafire...3omzmmlknnygwvw
Mw2 Zombies http://www.mediafire.com/?vjitmnmzkmz
Roll The Dice Game http://www.mediafire.com/?n1nznmhmi4m
Muffmagnet09 Patchhttp://www.mediafire.com/?izk4goyznlj
K Brizzles Online Patch http://www.mediafire.com/?wnnwnxcneym
K Brizzles Offline Patch http://www.mediafire.com/?joyiijixmno
Mattwidz Online Patch http://mediafire.com/?3shs4h8pmadz8y5
Mattwidz Offline Patch http://www.mediafire...7hpjg5r25f5665l
Watch How i MoD v1http://www.mediafire.com/?b499c6u8tj624oi
Watch How i MoD v2http://www.mediafire.com/?5604lho4ke9elp9
xVVhiteboy http://www.mediafire.com/?mogzmzvvikj
Safadinhu ROLE PLAYINGhttp://www.mediafire.com/?1a9qm7jixjjgoja
Dude Its Brian (With Out Mod Menu) http://www.mediafire...tco4p0zb3tjfozu
Combo Pass Kbrizzleshttp://www.mediafire.com/?687fdwwm31q14cq
Forge With Towerhttp://www.mediafire.com/?13vtxk7ro23q7ta
Pure Hackingz-Patch http://www.mediafire...ajt7698px7w6kus
Quarintine Modz Mw2 Zombies v2 http://www.mediafire...dl60yt1ec2d5qxa
XboxExperts patch v1 http://www.mediafire...twgcn8zxs30wx70
s7 Robertz patch http://www.mediafire...7k32w8cp0eg57vb
Mike Myer's v2 http://www.mediafire...5i2jjea9odyfyd9
AvP v2 iTz ThE 1n OnlY http://www.mediafire...umdzpyl63zy7tld

COD4 Mods
supercarman'z Title Update http://www.mediafire.com/?ewwkxo1i5yz
Cod4 11th Prestige Patch with default_mp.xex http://www.mediafire...ztvem89neh7wbin
Sean170693's Cod4 Unlock all 11th Prestige Patchhttp://www.mediafire.com/?ctk8gj8uua7sshx
Sean170693's Cod4 Everything Unlocked 10th Patch http://www.mediafire...vgpzn06255fc0k6

Jet Set Radio Future Texture and Mods

Coming Soon
Also will be able to carry 99cans

GTA SanAndreas Mod Menu

Coming Soon
Well its not a menu but its like a command hack

MW2 TU7 Special OPS Mod Menu
Also Download Links : common.ff:http://tiny.cc/c7t0jw

code_post_gfx.ff: http://tiny.cc/r8t0jw

it will work online if u iso or have a online jtag

Call of Jurez Cartel Dev Mod Menu
Call of Juarez Developer Menu + Other Mods Online/offline

This is a developer menu mod + some other mods for the first Call of Juarez on the Xbox 360.

Copy Data0.pak file over to your extracted Call of Juarez root directory on your 360 HDD, e.g. HDD1:\Games\Call_of_Juarez\
Copy debugconf.scr over to your extracted <GameDir>\Data folder, e.g. HDD1:\Games\Call_of_Juarez\Data\

Start default.xex and start a new game, or load a game if you already have a save, then press Start. Now you can press LT for developer menu access, which have godmode, infinite ammo (magic ammo), give ammo, give rifle, give dynamite, Lvl people up, Derank, etc...

Data0.pak file has the following mods:

Jump Higher
Move Faster
Super High Health
Super High Health Regen

Title Update 1 is optional.

This TU1 is for MediaID: 60F36B7A

If you want to use TU1, just FTP it over to HDD1:\Cache\ directory.

Credited: Devmods I think


Mass Effect 3 Modz v2
Hi guys new xex for mass effect 3 instruction below enjoy, btw if he post a video ill post it here

Credit XncsX

replace coalesced.bin in biogame/CookedXenon

god mode file

back = god

god mode/noclip/teleport file

back = god
left stick = noclip
right stick = teleport

Fun mods file (you carnt compleate the game with this file its for fun only! )

back = god
left stick = noclip
right stick = teleport
left = slomo
right = fastmo
down = view mode mods
up = reset time and size
LB = mini mode
RB Godzilla mode

Crysis 2 Mods
Introducing emod V1.0

What these mods can do:

* Mega health

* Tweaked difficulty settings all levels will play as normal

* Mega health regen

* Unlimited storage capacity Goliath mode=indestructible cars

* Infinite ammo(the clips go down but overall capacity wont)

Plus more....

These are Jtag and Iso mods.

Just replace your gamedata.pak file with this
back up your old 1 for good measure tho


Credited to ASYlum

JetSetRadio Future Mods
These mods are custom Texture and Models, plus more cappacity of cans.
Credits.. Unknown.. Cornerpath for cappacity mod

MineCraft HD Mod
Best Minecraft Mods out today Hd shaders/Textures..Link skin Mod
Credited Guy from Xbox360iso

Sonic Adventure Patch
This patch brings new life to the game, making it much enjoyable
Credited..Sadx Forums

Sonic The Hedghog 06 Mods
mods were made by ShadowLag
this can only be done on a jtag or modified xbox 360
song-his world by zebrahead
sonic 06 is owned by SEGA
the first mod is a speed enhancer so sonic is faster without the blue gem
second mod is super sonic being playable in all sonic levels (super shadow and silver are also hacked but i only decided to show super sonic)
link to the files(note u need a modded xbox 360 for this to work)


MW3 SpecOps Trainer
this is easy to install
dump all the contents of mw3Tu And Extracted
into jtags game directory
put the TU_10LC26B_0000008000000.00000000000G2 into cache (DUH!!)

then put
xppdll.xex into the games folder aswell

launch the game buy SpecOpsXpg.xex

press Right Thumbstick in to activate the cheats



to Enable or disable cheats
simple Add Or Remove # from in front of cheats

like this

#2 83AE4A62 00FFFFFF (thats off)

2 83AE4A62 00FFFFFF (thats on)

Mw3SpecOps+11 by Enigma TeamXPG[41560898]
or Armor select what level your playing and dont
activate any other Armor offsets or you will get Fatal Error
this is currently set for level 1 on specops
CREDIT: Enigma

Halo Reach One Click Mod Real Time Trainer
This tool works online with cool halo mods made by shanegilliepie2 and others

Sonic Adventure Real Time Modder


1.Download Neighborhood at

codeleakers.com/xbox section/list of xex

2.Then Download xbdm.xex

3.Ftp the xex to root of HDD


Note: Not everything is in this version me and shark will add more on it later

Credited: Shark and *WiiModder/Cornerpath* <<Same ppl

RTE TOOL>>> http://adf.ly/J4jJd


Debug Mode


SpinDash Speed

Walk through Doors

Superjump and spin dash has been fixed

More to come in v0.2

MW3 Recovery Tool Real Time Trainer
If it doesn't load for you, too bad.
Use a reflector for it and copy the source and then just remake the tool with the .dat and .dlls.
Don't bother me with questions please.
There are instructions on how it would be used if you are able to connect to live.
Please read the Read Me for more info on it.
IDGenerator was used to give a custom id specific for your pc. AppSettings.dat would contain info about your console.
No, this tool does not get put in the mw3 folder on your jtag..
It is a tool for your pc, and connects to your console using sdk.
I didn't make this tool, and I take no credit for it.
The tool is unmodified and unpatched.

Dwack's thread is modified from the original, and does not contain these other files.
The offsets have been posted before, so do not ask me for them.

Password: Carbon

Virus Scan:

Resident Evil RC Real Time Trainer
Credited.. xpgamesave.com

Doresume 20 TU23 MW3 Tool
This tool will allow players to cheat and cause mayham

Halo 4 Real Time Modder
Credited To fierce waffle and Violaka


This small but powerful loader modify any XEX in an xbox360 iso, Its PatchTU/RegionSpoof/RemoveChecks/Decrypt and Compress XEX's
Credit Xeloser

This Program unlock DLC and XBLA free and manage TU/Saves

Now when you download those XDG3ISO's from torrent sites, this tool will make it work on JTAG

Easy to transfer files from pc to jtag quick

DashLaunch 3.07 latest 2013
It's been 8 weeks of hard work since the V2 project was retired, I hope it
was worth it for you all as bringing this rewrite has added no signifigant
option feature gains over previous versions, but is aimed at accesibility.

Currently the project supports the following console locales:
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish,
Portugese, Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional)

Currently supplied translations: English, French, Portugese

The skin pack includes the sources used to skin dash launch as well as the
string files if anyone wishes to create a translation to one of the above
languages (inlcuding English, as I know my explanations are not always easy to
understand.) Also included is a c# based editor for the string files to assist
in translation.

External fonts, background image and skins may be used by this,
simply place skin.xzp and/or font.ttf and/or background.png (1020x720) beside
default.xex. If neither location has a font file supplied the system font
on flash will be used.
================================================== ==============================
================================================== ==============================
- as with V1->V2 this is a nearly complete restructure and rewrite, expect bugs
- rewrote all hooks and tasks to be unhookable/stopable
- installer can now unload any existing v3 xex and/or start dash launch without rebooting console
- installing over v2 or installing patch updates still requires reboot
- setup exports for managing all options from external programs
- stop exception recovery from firing a new launch/bubble message more than once in a ~4s window
- add 'configapp' path, if it exists going to miniblades -> system settings will start this program
- rewrote installer a little to be marginally better
- ini category [quicklaunchbuttons] is now simply [paths]
- add 'nonetstore' option (hides network storage in disk dialogs)
- hook XexpVerifyXexHeaders and XexpLoadImage to detect retail encrypted xex with bad signature
and fix the image key (thanks Anthony!)
- safereboot is no longer tied to fatalfreeze, reboot requests when this is set to false will be
redirected to jtag friendly (but hard on hardware) methods
- added in glitch2 patches, restructured embedded patch sets to be a munged file instead of individual
- fixed fakelive to get past app gold check (still does not work, can't connect to server) and no longer
try to reply to profile info requests with a hardcoded online xuid
- added french translation - thanks to Razkar!
- added portugese translation - thanks to SpkLeader!
- added translation c# GUI - thanks to Swizzy!
Visit http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1145-dashlaunch-307/

You will not see this anywhere else but on xbox360iso, many people hide this program. This is xboxNeighborhood which allow memory eding on your JTAG wihout a modded xex! Use with acension to poke vaules and create mod menus for 360 games. The mod menu wii be on acension not in the game but its still usable by poking vaules real time modding SKYRIM FTW!

First you will need to install the SDK onto your computer if you dont already have it. Downloads privided. (these are not my links, i found them with google)


as well we need to install a version of dashlaunch that support plugins. 2.2 works well and supports dash 9199, 12611, and 12625. currently any dash is working with the plugin.

Installation is fairly simple for this,

All that is required to do is copy the xbdm.xex onto your parent folder of your HDD

then copy the launch.ini from your harddrive to your computer and open it with notepad. add the following lines to it and save.

plugin1 = Hdd:\xbdm.xex

Make compensations if you are on a USB. the line will become plugin1 = USB:\xbdm.xex
or compensate if you put the plugin into a folder.

then place the launch.ini back onto your harddrive and overright the old one.

Once you have put on the xex and ini simply restart the console and it should load the plugin.

From here all you have to do to realtime is go into the settings of ASC or ALT or any program you have and put in yuor jtags IP, it should be able to connect on any screen and allow realtime editing and screenshot capture.

Xbox1HackEmulator JTAG360 not for PC
First off download the hacked xbox emulator, The following hacks were done to the emulator:

* Xbe signature checks removed (lets you run unsigned code)
* Xbe section hash checks removed (lets you run hacked xbes)
* Game region checks removed (region free baby!)
* Game media checks removed (play games from your hard drive)
* Debug/Devkit xbes supported (run your own xbox1 code)
* Attempt to play unsupported games (doesn't mean it will work hehe)
Note: it will boot (some) Xbox 1 homebrew as well, however don't expect everything to work perfectly.

Remember to overwrite your compatibility folder with this one, your compatibility folder is in Hddx in your HDD

Xbox1 Xextool
This tool does the same as XEXtool for 360, but this is only for xbox1 xex. opps I mean xbehttp://www.mediafire.com/?djtjbvjr0ijjml1

FreestyleDash 3 Installer
Hacked custome dashboard

- XeBuild 16203 support
Tool Used To update JTAG/This is needed also

Flash 360
Tool Used To update JTAG/This is needed also

FX Menu 1.2 Undetectable Online
Xex menu upgrade


JetSet Radio Future Mod Tool
This tool modify your chracter health/Spray can ammo and more

Sonic Adventure PVM Texture editor
Sonic Adventure character Texture editor

Sonic Adventure Music ADXEdtior
With this tool you can replace music files in sonic adventure with your very own.

Sonic Adventure Level Editor
This tool bring the fun with your own creations and designs of any Sonic adventure stages, Also modify where objects spawn in levels.

GibbedDeadRising/Casezero-Big Extractor
Wanna Iso mod the game use gibbed tools!!

Sonic Generations CPK Unpacker
Wanna Iso Mod the game use this tool, if you need help contact cornerpath I used this before..

MW2/MW3 Online Name Changer
Crdited shark

07-17-2012, 08:35 PM
Thread Updated Ill put more later including the Trainer/tools and more mods

07-17-2012, 08:38 PM
its called invisable cars on gta duhhh on ps2 cheats its da same lol

07-17-2012, 08:46 PM
Anything For Cod 4?

07-17-2012, 08:48 PM
its called invisable cars on gta duhhh on ps2 cheats its da same lol

I know I kinda already realized that using cheat codes are better :p still I couldnt find alot for 360 tho

Anything For Cod 4?

Yea its on my HDD ill extract it as soon as possible

07-17-2012, 08:50 PM
I know I kinda already realized that using cheat codes are better :p still I couldnt find alot for 360 tho

Yea its on my HDD ill extract it as soon as possible
Ok cool thanks man!

07-18-2012, 05:20 AM
Aren't all the mods in Tu 4-6 patched?

07-18-2012, 05:25 AM
Go for the TU8 on MW2.Better mods for it.

07-18-2012, 05:27 AM
Go for the TU8 on MW2.Better mods for it.

Thers no TU8 for Mw2 as of know, but as soon it comes out ill post

Aren't all the mods in Tu 4-6 patched?

Yep but its always fun going back to those TU and doing it offline sometime :p

07-18-2012, 05:31 AM
Thers no TU8 for Mw2 as of know, but as soon it comes out ill post

Yep but its always fun going back to those TU and doing it offline sometime :p
Yeah I remember the days with the modded mw2 zombies..

07-18-2012, 05:35 AM
Yeah I remember the days with the modded mw2 zombies..

Yep and roll the dice I hope modders bring em back good times.

Imma add more to the post dailey

07-18-2012, 07:34 AM
Goooood times.

07-19-2012, 07:09 AM
do me a favour..... if your gonan upload my resident evil 4 files at least get my fυcking name correct its Enigma not Egnigma

07-19-2012, 07:19 AM
do me a favour..... if your gonan upload my resident evil 4 files at least get my fυcking name correct its Enigma not Egnigma

Dude everybody messes up on the keyboard when there trying to actually spell the word right, I type fast

Egnigma can you make a sonic adventure trainer when you have time, Im having bad time with finding out which vaules do what

07-19-2012, 07:30 AM
thers allready a trainer out for that game i think
and seriously spell my name correct or ya might just have your own trainer made with a few nice lil shoutouts lol

i`ll see if i can dig the sonic trainer out
if i cant what shit you wantin on it?

07-19-2012, 07:39 AM
thers allready a trainer out for that game i think
and seriously spell my name correct or ya might just have your own trainer made with a few nice lil shoutouts lol

i`ll see if i can dig the sonic trainer out
if i cant what shit you wantin on it?

Lol Enigma 1 question how did you know about this site? lol

Well not much just
faster speed
monn jump stuff like that, nothing to big

07-19-2012, 07:48 AM
found this site thru sumbody tellin me my resident evil 4 file was on here so thought id come over and have a look what this place is about

wow gay i cant post links cos i dont have 10 posts what the fuck lol
guess i`ll have to make a few more posts and then drop V2 of the resident evil 4 files

07-19-2012, 07:56 AM
found this site thru sumbody tellin me my resident evil 4 file was on here so thought id come over and have a look what this place is about

wow gay i cant post links cos i dont have 10 posts what the fuck lol
guess i`ll have to make a few more posts and then drop V2 of the resident evil 4 files

O lol I thought you was here for wii hacks, Cant wait for the V2 bro what it gonna have

07-19-2012, 08:02 AM
Resident Evil 4V2
now has

infinite ammo
all purchases cost 0 such as first aid spray,maps
all weapon upgrades cost 0

u can buy as much crap as your current money allows for free then sell it back for more money

07-21-2012, 09:18 PM
Thread has been updated :) Links are working again, and SDK has been added here eventhough its illegal. More XEX from enigma has been posted and All links has been checked for viruses, all are clean. I stll have more trainers to put up, and probably Emulators