I don't now if I put this in the right section, so sorry.

Okay, the tut. First of aall, you need to have a facebook account. You can just make ne to like this page.

1st. Go to this link and like them. http://www.facebook.com/flixpress
2nd. Click the button that says only for likers. Its a little below the like button, looks like this. http://prntscr.com/c4tr2
3rd. Go to your profile on flixpress. Click on "My Account>Gift Cards. Then enter the code you got when you clicked the button under "Please Enter A Promotion Card Coupon Below". Then hit accept.
4th. You should now have 5 free credits on flixpress.

Hope this helped. Btw to the people who don't know. Flixpress is a site to get intros. The better ones cost money and here is how to get 5 free credits.
Warning: Expires 7/19!