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  1. [N3DS] Layton Kyouju to Kiseki no Kamen [JAP]
  2. [N3DS] Monster Hunter 3G ( モンスターハンター3G ) [JAP]
  3. [N3DS] Ridge Racer 3D : リッジレーサー 3D [JAP]
  4. [N3DS] Super Street Fighter IV : 3D Edition [JAP]
  5. [N3DS] Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy [Spa, Eng, Fre, Ita, Ger][USA]
  6. [N3DS] BlazBlue : Continuum Shift II [USA]
  7. [N3DS] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Shadow Wars [Spa,Eng,Fre][USA]
  8. [N3DS] BIT TRIP SAGA [Spa, Eng, Fre][USA]
  9. [N3DS] Bust A Move Universe [USA]
  10. [N3DS] Cartoon Network : Punch Time Explosion [USA]
  11. [N3DS] Kid Icarus : Uprising [USA] + AR CARDS
  12. [N3DS] Cave Story 3D [USA]
  13. [N3DS] Cooking Mama 4 : Kitchen Magic [USA]
  14. [N3DS] Cubic Ninja [USA]
  15. [N3DS] Dead or Alive: Dimensions [USA]
  16. Mario Kart DS Download.
  17. [N3DS] Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai [JAP]
  18. [N3DS] Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd (戦 国 无双 Chronicle 2nd) [JAP]
  19. [N3DS] Sengoku Musou Chronicle (戦 国 无双 Chronicle) [JAP]
  20. [N3DS] Project X Zone [JAP]