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  1. [A MUST READ]Cracking the Vita: A Hacker Speaks
  2. Davee gets PSP Kernel access on the Vita[HUGE HOMEBREW POSSIBILITY]
  3. VHBL: name of the new exploited game will be announced soon
  4. HelloWorld on 1.67 with vhbl coming soon
  5. Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis are back on the PSN
  6. PS One Classics coming to PS Vita
  7. Skype Lands on the PlayStation Vita With Video Calls
  8. Bioshock on Vita!
  9. Black OPS II on Vita?
  10. Final Fantasy X for Vita and PS3 is an HD 'remaster'
  11. PlayStation Vita Vulnerability Found For Loading Homebrew PSV Code
  12. VHBL 1.80 Game Announced!!!
  13. PS Vita can be Hacked
  14. sony giving away free playstation mobile games (vita)
  15. **PS Vita** Update 2.05
  16. New Hack coming to the Vita
  17. Playstation Plus® Offers for February
  18. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
  19. Sony Japan set to stream an all Vita focused event
  20. Ecolibrium An interesting free PSV game