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06-28-2011, 08:01 AM
GFX Dictionary

GFX= Abbrebiation of Graphics.

Focal/Focal Point= Its the first thing you see in a picture. On a signature the focal is the render.

Stock= Its a non edited image/photo.

Render= Is a cut part of a picture. Saved a .png to have transparency.

C4D Render= A 3D render made with Cinema 4D. Used to give flow or add effect to your piece.

LP= Large Piece. An image bigger than 500x500.

Flow= The basic direction that your image has. It usually has one direction, rarely 2 directions.

Light Source= A point where the illumination comes from.

Depth= Distance between the viewer and the piece.

Vector= An image that has one dimension.

HQ/LQ= High Quality/Low Quality

Rip= Taking credits for an image you didnt do.

PR= Posting rights. Permission given from the author to post his/her work on a nother site.

Topaz= A plugin that does stuff like: De noise a LQ image, Enhance the quality of an image, helps to enlarge images, and clean images.

LRO= Learning Rights Only.

.Psd file= A photoshop file, with that file you can see how the image was made because it stores all the layers of an image. Always save your .psd files.

CnC= Comment and Critique.

KIU= Keep It Up.

TFTS= Thanks For The Share.

GMV= Got My Vote.

I hope this helped you to understand Gfx Terms better ;]

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well you just need to be logical for the rest

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"GFX= Abbrebiation of Graphics"