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11-03-2011, 04:35 PM
I just copied this from wiiplaza.


Button Activator

Button Activator Wiimote/Nunchuk [[email protected]]

Button Activator Classic Controller Pro [Mr.Brain/Focker]

Offline Only Codes

TriggerBOT v1 [[email protected]/Anarion]
C21542D0 00000002
38E00001 B0E3000C
60000000 00000000
C2136468 00000002
80030C20 3D808000
900C1500 00000000
C21D2028 00000004
3D808000 818C1500
2C0C0001 40820008
38800010 909C0038
60000000 00000000
*Offline Multiplayer Only*

TriggerBOT v2 [[email protected]/Anarion]
C21542D0 00000002
38E00001 B0E3000C
60000000 00000000
C21CB9F8 00000002
E0030008 3D808000
D00C1500 00000000
C21D2028 00000005
3D808000 818C1500
3D603E80 616B8081
7C0C5800 40820008
38800010 909C0038
60000000 00000000
*compatible with story mode*

Invincibility [ZiT]
C2131D60 00000002
3D804200 919E0EA4
C05E0EA4 00000000
*ported by [email protected]*

Universal Unlocker [Thomas83Lin]
0423169C 38800023
042301C8 3860FFFF
042318A4 60000000
C224BBF0 00000003
39800000 398CFFFF
91850038 80A50038
60000000 00000000

WiFi Codes

Wifi Level Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Wifi XP Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Wifi Playtime Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Wins Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Losses Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Deaths Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Kill Streak Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Hits Modifier [Mr.Brain/Focker]
*XX = HEX*

Allow 2 Primary Weapons in Class without Multi Task [[email protected]]
04256D40 60000000

Region Modifier aka Force Host [Mr. Brain/Focker]
045DE800 XXXX0000
*X Values*

0101 = ON
0100 = OFF

Unlock All Gamemodes [[email protected]]
042316A4 60000000
042316B4 60000000
042316C4 48000018

All Weapon Skills Completed [[email protected]]
C225B820 00000002
3980270F 9184058C
8084058C 00000000

Accolades Unlocker [[email protected]]
C22388A8 00000002
39800001 918503A4
80A503A4 00000000
C2238878 00000002
38000001 900303A4
60000000 00000000

Name Modifier [[email protected]]
065DE884 00000024
00XX00XX 00XX00XX
00XX00XX 00XX00XX
00XX00XX 00XX00XX
00XX00XX 00XX00XX
00XX00XX 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*XX = ASCII converted to HEX*

All Combat Abilities Completed [[email protected]]
C225B820 00000002
39800063 9184060C
8084060C 00000000

Offline/Host Codes

Teleporter [[email protected]]
C2044E34 0000000D
9421FFB0 BDC10008
3DC08000 3DE0805F
A1EF7422 2C0F1000
4082001C 820400F8
822400FC 82440100
920E1600 922E1604
924E1608 2C0F0010
4082001C 826E1600
828E1604 82AE1608
926400F8 928400FC
92A40100 B9C10008
38210050 C00400FC
60000000 00000000
*Press minus to save position*
*Press plus to teleport*

Always X Add Kills [[email protected]]
04278D58 3803XXXX
*X = HEX*

Kills Modifier [[email protected]]
C2278D5C 00000002
3800XXXX 900506E8
60000000 00000000
*X = HEX*

Always Add X Deaths [[email protected]]
04278ED0 3803XXXX
*X = HEX*

Deaths Modifier [[email protected]]
C2278ED4 00000002
3800XXXX 900606F8
60000000 00000000
*X = HEX*

Always Add X Score [[email protected]]
04278E04 3803XXXX
*X = HEX*

Score Modifier [[email protected]]
C2278E08 00000002
3800XXXX 900506F4
60000000 00000000
*X = HEX*

Grenades Modifier [[email protected]/Mr.Brain]
C210B78C 00000004
2C0500Y0 40820010
3C000200 6000XXXX
7C06292E 7C06282E
60000000 00000000

Explosive Ammo aka Anova Grenade Launcher Ammo [[email protected]]
C2154320 00000002
38000011 981E0C98
60000000 00000000

Infinite Secondary Grenades [Anarion]
04158B90 38840001

Infinite Oddjob Hats [Anarion]
04158A84 38840001

Instant Respawns [Anarion]
04110540 60000000

Inf. All Grenades [hetoan2]
04157B90 4800000C
*ported by Mr.Brain/Focker*

Inf. Ammo [[email protected]]
0414D730 38A00000

Inf. Health [[email protected]]
041035D0 EC20F02A

Inf. Health [[email protected]]
48000000 805D4484
DE000000 80008180
140003A8 42C80000
E0000000 80008000
*Host Only*

Speed Hack [[email protected]]
C210C964 00000004
3D60805F A16B7422
2C0B0800 4082000C
3D804080 919F0C74
C03F0C74 00000000
*Press A on Wiimote*

Moonjump [[email protected]Wiiplaza]
040EEDE4 C023015C
040EF3B0 C05F015C
285F7422 FFF70008
C20EEDE4 00000002
3D8040C0 9183015C
C023015C 00000000
C20EF3B0 00000002
3D8040C0 919F015C
C05F015C 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*Press D-PAD_UP on Wiimote*

XP Lobby [[email protected]]
C227987C 00000002
7C00D214 00000000
*X = HEX*
*Level up your friends on WiFi*

Non-Host Codes

Universal Sniping [Anarion]
285F7422 DFFF2000
041318D0 3BA00001
0412FD64 60000000
E0000000 80008000
2A5F7422 DFFF2000
041318D0 3BA00000
0412FD64 C01A0CFC
E0000000 80008000
*Press Z to enter sniper scope with any weapon*

Level Modifier [[email protected]]
C226BF90 00000002
3860XXXX 907E034C
60000000 00000000
*XX = HEX*
*Play a match und at the end of it, your level becomes hacked*

XP Modifier [[email protected]]
C226BF88 00000002
907E0348 00000000
*XX = HEX*
*Play a match und at the end of it, your XP becomes hacked*

Inf. Ammo [Mr.Brain/Focker]
0410B85C 3860270F

Instant Reloads [[email protected]]
046E9714 44000000

Rapid Fire [Anarion]
0414D844 60000000

No Recoil [Anarion]
0415288C 38000000
04152990 60000000
First line is for sniper rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Second line is for submachine guns and assault rifles.

No Smoke [Mr.Brain/Focker]
04346784 60000000
04346788 60000000

Dark View [[email protected]]
040D1C14 3BA00000
*View down a thermal scope to activate*

No ADS Screen Zoom [[email protected]]
04104E28 60000000

Updated God-Mode [Mr.Brain/[email protected]]
285F7422 FFFD0002
C212FC24 00000002
3D804120 91840014
C0640014 00000000
C21310C0 00000002
3D804120 91850010
C0450010 00000000
CC000000 00000000
C21310C0 00000002
3D803F80 91850010
C0450010 00000000
C212FC24 00000002
3D803F80 91840014
C0640014 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*Press to right activate/deactivate*

Force Specific Grenade Type [[email protected]]
C215A980 00000002
3800000X 981C0C99
881C0C98 00000000
*X Values*

Unban Codes

MAC Changer [[email protected]]
C23BE598 00000002
38A000ZZ 98A40005
38A00006 00000000
*ZZ = Not your real last MAC Value*

SN Changer [[email protected]]
C23C01B4 00000002
81050004 390800TT
91050004 00000000
*TT = Not your real last SN Value*

WiiID Changer [[email protected]]
C23C2D78 00000002
808DB694 388400YY
908DB694 00000000
*YY = Not your real last WiiID Value*

11-03-2011, 04:57 PM
:huh: no [email protected] codes? :mad:

11-07-2011, 05:33 AM
what is TriggerBOT ? I can't understand :huh:

11-07-2011, 11:56 AM
Aim at someone and your gun automatically shoots.

08-02-2012, 02:00 AM
When it has the X values, what does HEX mean????