View Full Version : Disable Spotlight. (Free up RAM.)

12-20-2011, 01:11 PM
Spotlight search can be useful, but i find it to be a pointless waste of memory.

If you want to make your device run faster, you can disable Spotlight by searching for NoSpot in Cydia. This will remove Spotlight, completely. But you can get it back by simply uninstalling the tweak from Cydia.

NoSpot has been incorporated into Springtomize. (http://www.codeleakers.com/showthread.php?32303-50-Cydia-tweaks-one-download)

For other ways to speed up your iDevice, go here (http://www.codeleakers.com/showthread.php?31849-Speed-up-your-iDevice) or here. (http://www.codeleakers.com/showthread.php?31854-Free-up-space-on-your-iDevice)

If you want to increase the functionality of Spotlight, you can use SpotEnhancer (http://www.codeleakers.com/showthread.php?33993-SpotEnhancer) or MySpotLight. (http://www.codeleakers.com/showthread.php?33994-Make-Spotlight-Somewhat-Useful!)