View Full Version : [SCJP4Q] LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

02-03-2012, 10:13 PM
Coin Multiplier [BoxNinja]
05095024 FFFFFFFF
*Coins are worth about 3 Billion

Player 1 In-Level Coins Nate [BoxNinja]
048894A4 3B9AC9FF

Player 2 In-Level Coins Nate [BoxNinja]
048894BC 3B9AC9FF

In-Game Extras Always On (No Purchase Necessary)

Disguises Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9D10 FFFF0101

Fast Dig Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9D28 FFFF0101

Fast Forge Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9D40 FFFF0101

Extra Toggle Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9D58 FFFF0101

Fast Build Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9D70 FFFF0101

Character Treasure Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9D88 FFFF0101

Fall Rescue Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9DA0 FFFF0101

Treasure Magnet Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9DB8 FFFF0101

Breathe Underwater Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9DD0 FFFF0101

Regenerate Hearts Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9DE8 FFFF0101

Red Hat Finder Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E00 FFFF0101

Minikit Bottle Finder Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E18 FFFF0101

Extra Hearts Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E30 FFFF0101

Always Double Treasure Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E48 FFFF0101

Invincibility Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E60 FFFF0101

Treasure x2 Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E78 FFFF0101

Treasure x4 Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9E90 FFFF0101

Treasure x6 Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9EA8 FFFF0101

Treasure x8 Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9EC0 FFFF0101

Treasure x10 Always On [BoxNinja]
047A9ED8 FFFF0101