View Full Version : The "Bruhh" Clan

08-04-2012, 08:28 PM
Okay. Before you knock this down because it has something to do with a clan and most people think clans are gay and stuff, we just want to have fun. Nowwww. My brothers friend made a clan. It is "YourNameBruhh" we want you to have the bruhh at the end. Now. We play MW2 a lot. But I have Black Cocks and Mw1 and mw3. And the leader has every CoD. So if you like those games, let us know. We are not going to limit you to what guns or games u play. Our goal as a clan is to always have someone online to play a few matches with. When/if you decide to make a new account, put something funny or whatever u want with bruhh at the end.

Leader: Doc_Trizzy_Bruhh
Co-Leader: Crackin40zBruhh
Some asian child: MyRiceDoneBruhh
Me: MyAidsBruhh (Because "MyNipplesBruhh" wouldn't work)
Kid that eats my food: AsianHookerBruhh.

K/D doesn't really matter. Just have fun with your name, in the game, all around. :D:w00t::stare: