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02-27-2014, 03:31 AM
Ok guys, this isn't a giveaway, but you can get extra doge per week just by doing something that takes literally seconds to do! This is great for working shibes who get to sit in front of a computer every day ;)

There's a website that gives out FREE BITCOINS http://freebitco.in/?r=246831, but only once per hour. They pay you around 225 satoshi per hour, so think of this as just another faucet! Every monday the bitcoins are deposited, so take your BTC and convert it into doge, it's really VERY easy to do! Here's the super easy steps!

1. Get a Bitcoin address! Either enter one from your wallet, or sign up at any exchange that converts DOGE/BTC and generate a BTC address for yourself. I'm really liking cryptorush.in https://cryptorush.in as they have low transaction fees and are very fast...(take that cryptsy!) Goto **Balances**, click on Bitcoin, and generate a payment address.

2. Surf on over to http://freebitco.in and enter your BTC address to start getting paid!

3. Fill out the captcha every hour to have additional funds addded to your account. type "set timer 1 hour" into google and a timer will be automatically set for you. When the hour's over click again!

4. Every Monday, if you accumulate at least 5460 satoshi (roughly 25 clicks per week, at least) then the funds will be deposited to the address you gave. (why every week? to save transaction fees!) Convert them into doge on the exchange and you're done! *Note: if you add an email to your freebitco.in account they will email you when your BTC has been deposited!*

Now go out there and profit!

note: if you just want a btc address to add funds to help the site just let me know, but you should start gathering coins for yourself. It's never going to go away, and it's only going to go up in price. put down the fucking games for 2 minutes and think that one day this might be something important to consider, I wish i had gotten into btc 5 years ago, i would be a multi-millionaire right now.

02-27-2014, 06:52 AM
Dogecoins have consumed your life (un). Haven't really looked into bitcoins or dogecoins but if I get some spare time and am bored as hell, I might check this shit out.