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08-01-2014, 06:17 AM
Newest SDK was leaked by a well known member on ps3hax unofficially. Pretty sure im one of the first people to download it considering it was uploaded like an hour ago in a thread that for the most part is not getting much attention.

I urge anyone with any coding expirience to take a peak and get hyped for whats to come, the browser exploit has been updated to work on the newest version and a kernel exploit has been confirmed.

Home-brew will be here soon, if your interested in contributing to the community here is your head start. It contains the official SDK along with Nintendos official "Quick start guide" that overviews how to use it and other goodies. https://mega.co.nz/#!kk8E2SYA!qjnxGg8gUC9PgaGr_MwQue4oSBVLhCDwVKSiL8H yJJ0

Here are a few screen shots I took



08-03-2014, 08:13 AM

08-03-2014, 08:17 AM
I sense more site activity on the way.

08-03-2014, 09:20 AM
After reading up this is the newest sdk but files are missing, This does however provide insight into what can be done in the future

08-03-2014, 02:27 PM
I may be able to share the missing parts. I'll download it, then see what's missing, and maybe re upload it.

08-03-2014, 03:43 PM
I may be able to share the missing parts. I'll download it, then see what's missing, and maybe re upload it.

no you wont, you cannot just switch in parts from previous versions it doesnt work that way.

I suggest you just leave this one to the big boys who have been working on this from the beginning, This is ment for you to take a peak at what will be soon to come, and maybe try and document any unique commands or interesting finds in the files

08-03-2014, 04:05 PM
I didn't say anything about older version.. It was leaked so everyone could get a jump start on development. Key peices were intentionally left out so others wouldn't beat them to the punch. But since 3key
and the latest team Cobra UDE (TeAm_FaTaL) already have the complete SDK I thought I would share. But if you are gonna get an attitude about it then perhaps this isn't the site I should leak it on.

Eh whatever, there's nothing but children here anyway. TeAm_FaTaL is out.
See ya around the scene (about a year after everyone else has been in)

08-04-2014, 06:16 AM
You claim to have peices of info that the people leading the march towards unlocking the system dont

All your doing is bullshitting, chadderz one of the leading and most respected developers currently doesn't even have the full sdk and you expect me to believe your uninformed ass has it? Yea nope

Your right this is ment for people to begin development, but i doubt you have the ability to do just that. I do not claim i can either.

I sent you a pm, if you wish to continue this discussion lets do it over pm