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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker USA - 15742 views
#Total Time 00:00:00 Games
0x0050242C 0x00000000

#Clearance time 00:00:00
0x00019158 0xAE000034

#Time to stop
;due to time stop, development and deployment are unable to carry out
0x00019154 0x00000000

#HP Never Decrease
0x00195DDC 0x00000000

#Infinite Ammo 1
0x000532D4 0x24020000

#Infinite Ammo 2
0x00101EDC 0x24140000

#Infinite Item Usage 1
0x000FE44C 0x02401023

#Infinite Item Usage 2
0x000FE308 0x24130000

#Camouflage 100%
0x0017E924 0x240203E8

0x001148B0 0x24050000

#High-speed mobile
0x0044E398 0x00000410

#Speed x times
;xxx =
;3FA 1.25 times
;3FC 1.5 times
;400 2 times
;412 10 times
0x0017C2A8 0x00C08021
0x0017C2B0 0x4614003C
0x0017C2B4 0x3C03xxx0
0x0017C2B8 0x44836000
0x0017C314 0x46146302

#Always equipment C4
;Created due to request, IMPORTANT: TURN OFF code after it is equipped.
0x0025E118 0x0E20041C
0x00001070 0x2413011A
0x00001074 0x03E00008
0x00001078 0xA4530052

#Recruits will be women
0x000421E4 0x2408FFFE
0x000421FC 0x02682824

#Recruits will be men
0x000421FC 0x36650001

#Railgun largest
0x00061560 0x10000006
0x00061564 0x24040C00

#Fulton Recovery Women
;Game will crash if codes are not turned off before end of mission.
0x00042644 0x0E20BF50

#Fulton recovery male
;Game will crash if codes are not turned off before end of mission.
0x000418F0 0x0E20BF3B

#Stunrod largest
0x004F77B0 0x2710

#Soliton Radar that
0x00246504 0x1000028A

#Hero greatest degree of
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004F5068
0x00000B30 0x000F423F

#Heroism level x-increase in degree
;xx =
;18 2 times
;14 4 times
;10 8 times
;08 32 times
0x0011211C 0x00021xx3
0x00112208 0x00021xx3

#Weapons Elevation x times the experience
;xx =
;04 2 times
;08 4 times
;0C 8 times
;14 32 times
0x00053A10 0x00031xx0

#All Developed
;weapons, props, designs and so wide open
0x000487D4 0x0A200400
0x00049B98 0x0A200400
0x00001000 0x10800002
0x00001004 0x24010003
0x00001008 0xAC810004
0x0000100C 0x03E00008
0x00001010 0x8C820004

#All Weapons
0x000487D4 0x24020003
0x000487D8 0xAC820004

#All Weapons Level 3
0x00049758 0x24030003
0x0004975C 0xA0830016

#Infinite Items
;in game
0x000FE308 0x24130000

#All Items
0x00049B98 0x24020003
0x00049B9C 0xAC820004

#All AI chip
0x0010F398 0x00002812
0x0010F39C 0xA0A20000

#All Medals
0x00313C1C 0xA065ADA1

#Full title
0x00313A48 0x24020017
0x00313A4C 0xA062AD98