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Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance - 4124 views
Credits to MR_WAFFLE

_S NPEZ-00222
_G Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A)
_C0 Ultimate Pistol
_L 0x2038F84C 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F850 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F854 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F858 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F85C 0x40000000
_L 0x2038FE28 0x40800000
_C0 Ultimate Assault Riffle
_L 0x2038F860 0xBF800000
_L 0x2038F868 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F86C 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F870 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F874 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F878 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F888 0x40000000
_L 0x2038F89C 0x3E000000
_L 0x2038FE30 0x40800000
_C0 Ultimate Shotgun
_L 0x2038F808 0xBF800000
_L 0x2038F810 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F814 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F818 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F81C 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F820 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F824 0x40000000
_L 0x2038F83C 0x40000000
_L 0x2038FE2C 0x40800000
_C0 Ultimate Sniper
_L 0x2038F8A8 0xBF800000
_L 0x2038F8B0 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F8B4 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F8B8 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F8BC 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F8C0 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F8D8 0x40000000
_C0 Ultimate Rocket Launcher
_L 0x2038F918 0xBF800000
_L 0x2038F920 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F924 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F928 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F92C 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F938 0x40000000
_L 0x2038FE3C 0x40800000
_C0 Ultimate Grenade
_L 0x2038F7F8 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F804 0x40000000
_L 0x2038F7E4 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F7E8 0x4A000000
_L 0x2038F7DC 0x459C4000
_L 0x2038F7E0 0x441C4000
_C0 Text Speed
_L 0x2038FDAC 0x43200000
_C0 Low Gravity
_L 0x2038FDFC 0x40000000
_C0 Jump Higher
_L 0x2038FDF4 0x41200000
_C0 Instant Regain Health
_L 0x2038FDDC 0x00000000
_C0 Regain A Lot Of Health
_L 0x2038FDD8 0x4A000000
_C0 No Recoil Walking
_L 0x2038F95C 0x3E000000
_C0 Max Health
_L 0x2038FDCC 0x4F000000
_C0 Kind Of Inf Health
_L 0x2038FDD8 0x4F000000
_L 0x2038FDDC 0x00000000
_L 0x2038FDCC 0x4F000000