Hello, I am writing this one because I am sure I am not the only one with cfw that likes M33 better than Gen. This guide tells you how to patch games so you can play new games on your current cfw. It should also work for newer games that dont work on Gen. Until the game makers come out with a newer system of encrypting games this will work. Below i have pasted the "read me" file that is in the download. These are not programs that I wrote, I just use them. Hope it helps. Please read everything and try it first before asking any question. Rep me if this helps.

Click the link below:

Daddy's Patch

1 - Take game from psp put on desk top.[Either connect the psp directly or a card reader either will do.]
2 - On root of MMS put "enc" file there.
3 - Put "EDecrypt" folder in game folder.
4 - Put UMDGen on desk top.
5 - Open up UMDGen.Once the program is up and running, click "open" (near top left) Click on game.
6 - Next click on SYSDIR.Than right click on EBOOT.BIN file. Select the Extract file and I would place it on the desk top.Now minimze the program.
7 - On the top left where it says file, click on it. Than click on file list and select export, I would name it file and stick it on your desk top.
8 - Now take the EBOOT.BIN file on your desktop that made and bring it to your psp and put it in the "enc" file.
9 - Turn your psp and go to your game section and select "EDECRYPT" to launch the program.
10 - When you turn on the program the only thing you need to do is press the "square button" to decrpt and patch the EBOOT. (does take very long)
11 - Than press X to leave the program. Now turn off your psp, and connect it back to your computer (if you disconnected it.)
12 - Now delete the EBOOT.BIN file youfirst extraced onto your desktop.
13 - Go into you psp and open up the "enc" file that you placed on the root of your MMS. Go into the "done" file You will see 2 files in there an EBOOT.BIN file and a log.txt file. Than put the EBOOT.BIN file onto your desktop.
14 - Open up UMDGen and drag and drop your new EBOOT.BIN file over to where the old one is. Say yes to allow the new one to replace the old one.
15 - After that go to file, than file list and click "import" (you want to click on the same file you made in step 7)
16 - You will than see a window pop open that says "filelist import" click yes to that question.
17 - Now go to file and save as, I choose uncompressed iso but you can choose to save it as a compressed cso if you want to.
18 - Now it will ask you to save file. Put the name of the game, you might want to add something like patched or fixed so you know the difference.
19 - It takes a few minutes but you will see your new game, where ever you choose to save it. Load it up inot your psp andhave fun !!