The game is currently 59$ being a new release.

The game itself is a little kid game so the script is written for a younger aducience... but dont worry Teens on mics make it at least teen rated online. the game is a racing game and has quite a few maps... however the whole selling point of the game is you make your own maps and share them online. same with the karts and the characters. The game also lets you take your own ingame screen shots so all the screenies are from maps ive made and are my "mods" and karts.

Offline and online are pretty much the same. however online has ranked races and none ranked races. it also has time trial races where the top 10% get rewards. you can upload and share all your creations and you can also download other peoples creations

well the game plays like a mario cart game you race to win and shoot anyone who gets in your way with various power ups you find on the map. you draft behind people and can drift around turns both of these give you points towards your sheild/boost meter. you also get sheild/boost points by doing spins after jumps

Well there are 4 in game weapons or items but can be upgraded by collection more item pods but beware the longer you wait to use the item by trying to upgrade them you may be blasted away yourself and lose your weapon.

Level One rockets sends one missle out infront of you that goes straigt and bounces off the walls. Level Two rockets fires 3 homing rockets at the person in front of you. Level 3 rockets sends a swarm of missles at the people infront of you

Level 1 ligthing shoots a beam of eletricity infront of you and goes in a straigth line. Level 2 sends homing electricity over your head and homes in on the person infront of you. Level 3 brings down a ligtning stirke on most people infront of you.

Sonic Weapon
the name is well it makes sense with the sound effects. but level one is a shockwave thathits anyone directly beside you. level 2 shoots 3 shockwave balls infront of you. level 3 shoots a wave beam that hits almost everyone in front of you and stalls their vehicles.

boost well is a boost without using your boost meter Level one boosts you a little. level 2 boosts you more than level one. and level three creates a warp infront of you that you drive trougth and the warp little distance infront and come out with a boost.

You can also leave Mines behind you inorder to try and hit people coming from behind(best to use this if your in 1st palce)

The tracks of them game also have a few weapons to try to kill you. they have fire pads that shoot fire one in awhile jumping bots that try to crush you. fire bots that spin in a circle and shoot fire. but they also have giant Devastators that drop down and crush you

here are some screenshots i took of the game while using their screenshot feature.