Daily Battle:
[M21] M21 EBR vs. [DTF] ??????

Whooped their butts with a level 6 British kid using a UMP45 and had them on a rampage. Wah pah!

[Names Of Failures]:


[A Few Of Their Last Words]:
- tHiS iZ a qUiCKsKoP3iNgg mAtCh
- hAhA u cAnT uSe a pReDet0rz m!$$l3 !!!!!!
- uR a PrEded0rz miZZl3 nOObz ????????

Daily Pwnage:
I noticed a level 2 on Gears Of War 2 become a level 29 in one hour, as well as myself reaching 10+ ranks as we conquered the Horde army.

Cheapest Games On The Market:
"Dead Rising 2: Case Zero" only costs 400 Microsoft points on the Xbox LIVE Arcade Marketplace. Great game.