NOTE FROM ME: I know this was released already, but heres the real deal, from the man who discovered it, and gets ALL CREDITS.

Rarely do i DEMAND credits on anything, unless its something i spent alot of time and effort on; this was something that i was the FIRST to stumble upon to, in RS. The ironic/hilarious thing about the release at OHG, is that everything that anyone needed to solve this was ALREADY posted on OHG!!! The "brilliant" coders, codemasters, leeches, and "geniuses" couldnt fucking figure it out. So there it all sat, for close to a year, untouched and concealed to all, except moi. It's amazing that a site so LARGE and full of such LUMINOUS, HYPER-INTELLIGENT minds couldnt see something so fucking easy..FAIL!!! anyway, after not playing ES for nearly a year, i looked at a few old files i had taken off OHG during my semiannual visit there, and HEY i noticed something. everything i had for RS ported to ES, so, hey it should work in reverse correct??? AND IT FUCKING DID.

How fucking stupid is CISRules that he has to claim "credit" for the hacking CL and getting some codes that were already on OHG. EVERYTHING WAS ALREADY THERE!!!! This fucking dude claims to be so smart and revolutionary, yet has no idea of how the games actually work, outside of his precious CTRL+C & CTRL+V.

ok, this is for the record, since the fucking cocksucking leech ******s at OHG wont put in the fuckin proper credits...WHICH IS AMAZING--considering oby runs the rs boards there, and is a credit nazi.. WHERE ARE MY FUCKING CREDITS BITCHES???


anyway, if anyone says they discovered loadout-equippable force powers/sabers/spaceweaponry, then they are a fucking liar. the values are all out for ES, and they are the exact same for RS. So no nooblets or leechers can take credit for finding a photon torpedo to swap out with an incinerator, fuck u it dont work like that.

i get credit for 0x002dc5e8 all the way thru 0x002dc688, and if u dont like it, fuck off and suck my fucking chubb u chode....all of those addresses i found--FIRST!! and have labeled them....(btw, sorry to all cut and paste ******s like CISRULEZ--heres a fucking .png, u cant ctrl+c the addresses and values now, you fucking worthless gamesaving ****** douchebag chronic masturbator)

so there are the fucking addresses right??^^^^^ now add in the following values to the mix, but for these we dont need any fucking addresses, cuz dis is the shit we want to swap....

GREEN SABER - AD9AD1EF - 525107b8
RED SABER - F4A2AC2B - 94832cb4

13298d05 one green one blue saber
952ac08f DUAL SABER (1 of 2)
952ac089 DUAL SABER(2 of 2)
05592860 Darth Maul SABER

************Force Powers**************
0806f7ee PUSH
0806f719 PULL
f81add30 CHOKE
7b086e76 LIGHTNING

ok now following the guidelines below, you should be able to equip anything if you are the fucking ultimate dumbass/hardcore OHG loser, just copy this shit, and go back to OHG u fucking cunthole assneck ******, and PM a CL member and ask them how this works......the rest of u read on....

#Force Choke
;Another AIDS jump-off
0x002dc5e8 0xf81add30

#Saber Equip -blue
;Another AIDS jump-off
0x002dc5e8 0x70F21FEE

#saber throw
;Another AIDS jump-off
0x002dc5e8 0x7FE42F24

WHY 0x002dc5e8 you ask??? why not! its an open slot, there are several open slots to choose from, or u can swap out an individual gun as we will see now with an example on how to swap this shit out....

OK now take one of the codes listed above and use with this loadout (im going to use the saber).....hey its not a great loadout, cuz i dont want u fucking leechnut OHG cuntbags ruining any more shit than u have to.

#Loadout with SABER
0x004294F4 0x00000009 - ROCKET LAUNCHER
0x004294F8 0xFFFFFFF6 - SABER
0x004294FC 0xFFFFFFF1 -CGF
0x00429500 0x00000004 -STEALTH
0x00429504 0xFFFFFFFD -JETPACK
0x00429508 0x00000003
0x0042950C 0x00000003
0x00429510 0x00000003

SO with that loadout and the saber equip code together, you will equpi yourself with a blue saber, now lets kick this shit up a fucking notch...

What good is a fucking saber, if you nooblets cant fucking throw it around like some little fairy (speaking to OHG members only, of course) we need to equip a throw in place of something else in our loadout, so lets remove the stupid rocket launcher at 0x002dc60c and swap it out with our saber throw...

#saber throw [RL swap]
;Another AIDS jump-off
0x002dc60c 0x7FE42F24

now if we wanted to add in the force choke code, and have a loadout like a jedi....what should we do??? well guess what, im not fucking telling you, as this shit cant get any easier. Now if u understand this shit, u can equip anything, just find the values for what wpn u need and swap it out.

Im looking forward to pwning many nooblets with my super leet force powers, and anti force capabilities.

remember no matter what site all this is posted on, ALL CREDITS GO TO ME.