#Infinite Health
;Credits to Battle Star
0x010701dc 0x42c80000

#Infinite Recalls
;Recalls go down to zero and you still get recalled
;if you die
;Credits to Battle Star
0x00c2dde4 0x00000003

#Infinite Money
;Credits to Battle Star
0x00a63d74 0x00000539

#Automatic Run
;Player runs automatically until there is a big barricade
;Credits to Battle Star
0x0007c49c 0x3c044080

#Sword Effects
;Sword gets cool effects
;Credits to Battle Star
0x0009ff00 0x3c044080

;Credits to Battle Star
0x004e1e1c 0x40800000

#Cloud Modifier
Mod value to modify clouds
;Credits to Battle Star
0x0046651c 0x40800000

#Speedy Prince
;Automatic Run
;Credits for Automatic Run to Battle Star
;Credits for Gamespeed to Battle Star
;Credits for Subroutine to Battle Star
0x00000098 0x0a200184
0x00000610 0x3c080007
0x00000614 0x3c093c04
0x00000618 0x25294080
0x0000061c 0xad09c49c
0x00000620 0x3c0a004e
0x00000624 0x3c0b4080
0x00000628 0x256b0000
0x0000062c 0xad4b1e1c
0x00000630 0x03e00008

1337 game (got these from OHG : O)