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    #!!SpeedMaster Hacks

    #!!Created By Murderface

    ;These will lock your car at the codes speed
    ;For added fun, set a low speed to always on, and set a high speed to a toggle
    ;or vice versa
    ;Please note that the speeds listed on the code tend to vary based on the car being driven

    #Speedmaster Turtle
    0x005D6C00 0x4193F566

    #Speedmaster Slow
    0x005D6C00 0x4276E0E2

    #Speedmaster Medium
    0x005D6C00 0x430ECBBA

    #SpeedMaster Fast
    0x005D6C00 0x42FB6337

    #Speedmaster Faster
    0x005D6C00 0x43706337

    #Speedmaster Bullet
    0x005D6C00 0x43E06337


    #!!Other Hacks


    #Nitrous Maximus
    0x006BA038 0x42
    0x006BA03C 0x3F7BBC2F
    0x006BA058 0x44310051

    #Takedown King
    0x003D0964 0x2710
    0x003D096C 0x2710
    0x006CC720 0x2710
    0x006CC768 0x2710
    0x006CC76C 0x2710
    0x006CC73C 0x2710
    0x006BA6CC 0x2710A6CC

    #Trophy King
    ;Always Place First In Races
    0x003CDFD4 0x00000001
    0x003CDFEC 0x00000031
    0x006BA1B0 0x00000001

    #Location Mod
    0x006B8FB8 0x00000000

    #Ghost Racers
    ;Makes Your Car, and enemy cars invisible.
    ;Does not make traffic invisible
    ;Will sometimes freeze if turned on and off too much
    0x006B8F3C 0x00000000

    #Max Dominator Points
    ;Play one stage and finish with this code on,
    ;You will have 100,000,000 Dominator Points
    0x006CC970 0x05F5E100

    #Boost Score 1 Mil
    ;Great for the first level, we all know how annoying it is
    0x006CC718 0x000F4240

    #Drift Score
    ;Sets Drift Score at 1 million
    0x006CC70C 0x000F4240

    #Maniac Score
    ;Sets Maniac Score to 5 Million
    0x006CC71C 0x004C4B40

    #Infinite Manic Time
    ;Freezes Remaining Time In Maniac Mode to
    0x004961AC 0x43000000

    ;An odd code..Makes your car tip more
    ;I dont advise adjusting the value too much
    0x006B8F80 0xBCFA0000

    ;Enable for a few seconds and your car gets randomly tossed in the air
    ;High Chance Of Crashing
    0x006B8F94 0x40000000

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