The idea was thrown out that we should create an official persona for our firefox users, if youre not using FF ur a fucking dipshit. ( we will accept chrome as well )

If you would like to submit your idea, or image for the persona, please do so this week. its not really that difficult to do, i will outline the requirements at the end of this post.

We will use the CL color scheme, that we have always used here: black, gray, orange, (red and yellow are acceptable as well in smaller amounts)

be creative, if we get several winners, then we will submit them as well.

u need 2 img files.

requirements: (VERY VERY SIMPLE!!!!)

* Dimensions should be 3000px wide x 200px high
* PNG or JPG file format
* subtle, soft contrast images and gradients work best
# images must be no larger than 300kb in filesize
# images over 3000px x 200px will not be approved
* highly detailed images will compete with the browser UI
* Firefox may reveal more of the lower portion of the image if it or an extension adds another toolbar or other UI element to the top of the window
* the right-hand side of the image should have the most important information - as a user increases the width of the browser window, the browser reveals more of the left-hand side of the image

# Dimensions should be 3000px wide x 100px high
# PNG or JPG file format
* images must be no larger than 300kb in filesize
* images over 3000px x 100px will not be approved
* never use artwork/logos/photography that you do not have the legal rights to use - you will have to prove you have the rights if the content is questioned

1. If you have Personas installed, click on the little fox on the bottom left of your computer screen and click on "Preferences"
2. Ensure the box "Show Custom Persona in Menu" is checked and close the box.
3. Click on the little fox again. Mouse over "Custom" in the menu and to the right find and click "Edit"
4. Build your Persona using the upload fields and additional settings.