Have fun with them :P

Up,Down,Left,Right,X,Square,R1,L1 Hurricane

Up,Down,Left,Right,O,Triangle,R1,L1 Lots of Rain

Up,Down,Left,Right,Square,O,L1,R1 Rainy Weather

Up,Down,Left,Right,O,X,L1,R1 Sunny Weather

Down, Left, Right, Square, X, R1, L1 Foggy Weather

Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Triangle, L1, R1 Extra Sunny Weather

Up,Down,Left,Right,Triangle,Square,L1,R1 Cloudy Weather

L1, R1, Triangle, Square, O, X, Up, Down Explosive Eagle

R1, Up, TRIANGLE, Down, Left, R1, TRIANGLE, Right Weapon Tier 4

R1, Up, SQUARE, Down, Left, R1, SQUARE, Right Weapoon Tier 3

R1, Up, CIRCLE, Down, Left, R1, CIRCLE, Right Weapon Tier 2

R1, Up, X, Down, Left, R1, X, Right Weapon Tier 1

L1, L1, R1, X, X, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1 Armour

L1, L1, R1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, X, R1 Health

R1, Triangel, Triangle, Square, Square, R, L1, L1 Decrease Wanted

L1, L1, R1, Square,Square, Triangle, Triangle, R1 Increase Wanted