;By StR8Kr4zY
0x0034D1BC 0x00630063
0x0034D1C0 0x00630063
0x0034D1C4 0x00630063
0x0034D1C8 0x00630063
0x0034D1CC 0x00630063
0x0034D1D0 0x00630063
0x0034D1D4 0x00630063
0x0034D1D8 0x00630063
0x0034D1DC 0x01
0x0034D1E0 0x00010001
0x0034D1E4 0x01
0x0034D1E8 0x00010001
0x0034D1EC 0x00010000
0x0034D21C 0x01010001
0x0034D220 0x01010101
0x0034D224 0x01010101
0x0034D228 0x01010101
0x0034D22C 0x01010101
0x0034D230 0x01010101
0x0034D234 0x01000101

;all credits to Battle Star
0x00020b40 0x3c044080

#Remove Text
;all credits to Battle Star
0x00059740 0x3c044080

#Remove/add Shadows
;sometimes it adds
;sometimes it removes
;all credits to Battle Star
0x0023e80c 0x3c044080

#inf points quidditch
;you get instant win
;all credits to Battle Star
0x00343a04 0x00354d12