Sports Champions is a PS3 game that requires the playstation move to be played and is sold for $39.99

The game comes with almost ever playstation move bundles and allows the players to see how the move works and play various sports games. the problem is you pretty much have to calibrate the game for ever diffrent mi***ame you enter. some games experience inmproves if you ahve 2 motion controllers.

the game itself has no story but has challenges and championship modes with 3 levels bronze silver and gold.


Disc Golf.
in this game you must throw the disc around object using curve techinics and throwing styles to get as close the the hole(cage) as possible when you can make the shot you throw the disc into the cage and gain points for how well you did compaired to the par set for the hole. like normal golf but with discs.

Gladiator Duel
A figthing style game where you need to block the enemies attack with you sheild or parry it with you sword while you hack and slash at their defenses looking for a way to hit a ungaurded opening. the game plays as a best out of 3 knockout game.

in this game you must grab the arrow form your quiver bring it to your bow aim and release it at your targets with various challanges such as hitting moving targets fruit or hittting a trigger that blocks your oppenant from being able to hit their target for a few seconds. inoder to hit the targets you must be able to aim with the motion controller by pointing at the target and adjust for the arrows fall do to gravity.

Beach Volleyball
the game plays by having you server the ball to the other team and have to bump volly or spike the ball bad to the other team however its mostly done by timed action movements and doesnt give the illusion of playing volleyball at all.

yes that game with the little white ball. one player throws a white ball into playing field and each player must try and get their balls closest to the white ball. you score points by how many balls you got closer to the white ball than the other teams did.

Table Tennis(Ping Pong)
well its basicaly a game of table tennis where you server the ball to the other team and rally it back and forth trying to make it so the other team makes a mistake in the rally. this is probaly the closest to the real sport of any of the other games in the game.