hi friend ,,
search for a good game ,, needs passion .i have it in tons.
I search a new game for my enjoyment that is
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (latest version)

Yes the servers being messed up is a set back but if you loved the first one like i did, you'll love this one. the handling is new and takes a bit to get used to and the graphics have been pumped up. You get a new island (Ibiza) and at level 10 you get a revamped Oahu. You start with three cars to choose from and they aren't rentals like in the first one. The game has a story line which is kinda corny and they revamped the cops too.

Anyone who is interested in the same hobby.please help me to increases number of item in my galary.
if you have knowledge anything about new games options in market and if you have any query about this game.Pls tell me through this forum..