#Rocket/Nade Teleporter
0x00040254 0x0A360400
0x00581000 0x3c080880
0x00581004 0x8d093ffc
0x00581008 0x15200004
0x00581010 0x3c0908d8
0x00581014 0x25293620
0x00581018 0xad093ffc
0x0058101c 0x8d093ffc
0x00581020 0x8d2a0000
0x00581024 0x15400004
0x0058102c 0x3c0908d8
0x00581030 0x25293620
0x00581034 0xad093ffc
0x00581038 0x8d093ffc
0x0058103c 0x25290004
0x00581040 0xad093ffc
0x00581044 0x8d093ffc
0x00581048 0x8d290000
0x0058104c 0x11200009
0x00581054 0x3c0a08d8
0x00581058 0x8d4a34ec
0x0058105c 0x8d2b0070
0x00581060 0x8d2c0074
0x00581064 0x8d2d0078
0x00581068 0xad4b0060
0x0058106c 0xad4c0064
0x00581070 0xad4d0068
0x00581074 0x03e00008

0x0005A084 0x3C044010

#Teleport to nade(DOWN)
0x00060414 0x0A2009C0
0x00002700 0x3c0808d8
0x00002704 0x8d0834ec
0x00002708 0x3c0908d4
0x0000270c 0x8d2942b0
0x00002710 0x240a0040
0x00002714 0x152a0009
0x0000271c 0x3c0b08d8
0x00002720 0x8d6b361c
0x00002724 0x8d0c0060
0x00002728 0xad6c0070
0x0000272c 0x8d0d0064
0x00002730 0xad6d0074
0x00002734 0x8d0e0068
0x00002738 0xad6e0078
0x0000273c 0x03e00008
0x005929a4 0x00000055

#Sleight of hand v2
;Press L after reload
0x00339D78 0x0A360C00
0x00583000 0x3c0808d4
0x00583004 0x8d0842b0
0x00583008 0x24090080
0x0058300c 0x240a0100
0x00583010 0x15090005
0x00583018 0x3c0b0886
0x0058301c 0x3c0c3c04
0x00583020 0x358c4010
0x00583024 0xad6ca084
0x00583028 0x150a0005
0x00583030 0x3c0b0886
0x00583034 0x3c0c3c04
0x00583038 0x358c3f80
0x0058303c 0xad6ca084
0x00583040 0x03e00008

#Thermal Vision(UNJOKERED)
0x0050C7E8 0x0000000F
0x006F4618 0x50C00000
0x006F4620 0xFFFFFFFF

#Normal Vision
;Turn ON after you turn OFF thermal
0x0050C808 0xFFFFFFFF

0xFFFFFFFF 0x005B31A8
0x000008F4 0x00000000

#Spawn Hack
0x0015D8EC 0x03E00008

#Freeze Screen
0x00168394 0x03E00008

#Map special
;text mod
0x0050C7F4 0x542D1200

;Press (DOWN) to aim at head
;Press (UP) to aim normal
0x00004A38 0x0A20049C
0x00001270 0x3c0808d4
0x00001274 0x850842b0
0x00001278 0x3c090897
0x0000127c 0x340a0040
0x00001280 0x340b1000
0x00001284 0x3c0c2401
0x00001288 0x358d0000
0x0000128c 0x3c0e2401
0x00001290 0x35ce0001
0x00001294 0x150a0002
0x00001298 0x00000000
0x0000129c 0xad2d1020
0x000012a0 0x150b0002
0x000012a4 0x00000000
0x000012a8 0xad2e1020
0x000012ac 0x03e00008
0x005929A4 0x00000055

#Free Spectator v1
0x00690614 0x00000000
0x006C2614 0x00000000

#Free Spectator v2
0x00690618 0x00000000
0x006C2618 0x00000000

#Free Spectator v3
0x0069061C 0x00000000
0x006C261C 0x00000000

#Flag Protector
;Nades teleport to allies and axis flag
;Mnt. Villae Day - Infiltration
;Thanks to Brian_000
0x00173794 0x0a3c0000
0x00700000 0x3c0808d8
0x00700004 0x8d0834ec
0x00700008 0x1100001d
0x00700010 0x3c0908f0
0x00700014 0x8d2afff0
0x00700018 0x240b0001
0x0070001c 0x114b000c
0x00700024 0x3c0b4142
0x00700028 0x256b7ad4
0x0070002c 0xad0b0060
0x00700030 0x3c0cc21c
0x00700034 0x258cc1ec
0x00700038 0xad0c0064
0x0070003c 0x3c0dc0aa
0x00700040 0x25ad7744
0x00700044 0xad0d0068
0x00700048 0x240e0001
0x0070004c 0xad2efff0
0x00700050 0x1140000b
0x00700054 0x00000000
0x00700058 0x3c0bc1bd
0x0070005c 0x256b4706
0x00700060 0xad0b0060
0x00700064 0x3c0c425a
0x00700068 0x258c558c
0x0070006c 0xad0c0064
0x00700070 0x3c0d40b9
0x00700074 0x25adf08e
0x00700078 0xad0e0068
0x0070007c 0xad20fff0
0x00700080 0x03e00008
0x00700084 0x00000000

#nades teleport
;only for enemy 1
;the rest comming soon
0x00040254 0x0A200480
0x00001200 0x3c0808d8
0x00001204 0x8d083620
0x00001208 0x3c0908d8
0x0000120c 0x8d2934ec
0x00001210 0x8d0a0070
0x00001214 0xad2a0060
0x00001218 0x8d0a0074
0x0000121c 0xad2a0064
0x00001220 0x8d0a0078
0x00001224 0x03e00008
0x00001228 0xad2a0068

#Different Crosshairs
;Credits to who ever made No Recoil
0x0015D464 0x00000000
0x0142BF90 0x436C1000
0x0142BF94 0x43033000
0x0142BFF0 0x3F700000
0x0142BFFC 0x01FFFFFF
0x0142C000 0xFFFF0030

#Bouncing Betties
;Press L Trigger To Explode
0x00060414 0x0A200184
0x00000610 0x3C08089D
0x00000614 0x3C0908D4
0x00000618 0x3C0A08D9
0x0000061c 0x8D4A3A10
0x00000620 0x19400017
0x00000628 0x8D4B001C
0x0000062c 0x3C0CE196
0x00000630 0x358C20af
0x00000634 0xA1600224
0x00000638 0xAD6C01F8
0x0000063c 0x3C19FFFF
0x00000640 0x3739FFFF
0x00000644 0xAD79028C
0x00000648 0x852E42B0
0x0000064c 0x240F0100
0x00000650 0x15CF0009
0x00000658 0x3C0D27BD
0x0000065c 0x35ADFD50
0x00000660 0x3C188086
0x00000664 0x37180199
0x00000668 0xAD18275C
0x0000066c 0xAD0D2758
0x00000670 0x10000005
0x00000678 0x3C0D03E0
0x0000067c 0x35AD0008
0x00000680 0xAD00275C
0x00000684 0xAD0D2758
0x00000688 0x03E00008

#Nade explosion control
;Credits - FOOD
;You have to press Dpad Left First
;Or It will be a normal nade
;Dpad Right = Explode Nades
;Dpad Left = Freeze Nades
0x001F0544 0x0A200280
0x00000A00 0x3C0808D4
0x00000A04 0x850842B0
0x00000A08 0x3C09089D
0x00000A0C 0x340A0020
0x00000A10 0x340B0080
0x00000A14 0x3C0C1080
0x00000A18 0x358D0000
0x00000A1C 0x3C0E1080
0x00000A20 0x35CE0008
0x00000A24 0x150A0002
0x00000A2C 0xAD2D39A0
0x00000A30 0x150B0002
0x00000A38 0xAD2E39A0
0x00000A3C 0x03E00008

#Jump Super High
;Shoot and you jump super high
0x00004A38 0x0a200580
0x00001600 0x3c0808d8
0x00001604 0x8d08361c
0x00001608 0x3c0908d8
0x0000160c 0x8d2934ec
0x00001610 0x8d2a0060
0x00001614 0xad0a0070
0x00001618 0x8d2a0064
0x0000161c 0xad0a0074
0x00001620 0x8d2a0068
0x00001624 0x03e00008
0x00001628 0xad2a0078

#C4 Landmine Gernades
;My version
;L + <--
0x00339D78 0x0a2005c0
0x00001700 0x3c0808d4
0x00001704 0x850842b0
0x00001708 0x3c09089d
0x0000170c 0x340a0180
0x00001710 0x340b0200
0x00001714 0x3c0c34a5
0x00001718 0x358d0003
0x0000171c 0x3c0e34a5
0x00001720 0x35ce0001
0x00001724 0x150a0002
0x0000172c 0xad2d3124
0x00001730 0x150b0002
0x00001738 0xad2e3124
0x0000173c 0x03e00008
0x001D39A0 0x10800007

#Invisible Ray
;by FoodFx
;Makes enemy invisble
;Original code by Brian_000
0x00173794 0x0A200600
0x00001800 0x27BDFFF0
0x00001804 0xAFBF0000
0x00001808 0x3C0808D4
0x0000180C 0x810842B0
0x00001810 0x24090040
0x00001814 0x15090008
0x0000181C 0x3C0809C3
0x00001820 0x8D096DC0
0x00001824 0x11200004
0x0000182C 0x8D046DC0
0x00001830 0x0E240AB7
0x00001834 0x34050200
0x00001838 0x8FBF0000
0x0000183C 0x03E00008
0x00001840 0x27BD0010
0x005929A4 0x00000055

0x001006e0 0x34050000

#Nade Joker
;Fun Code 
;L + LEFT = Delay Nades
;L + RIGHT = Sticky Nades
;L + DOWN = Explode On Impact Nades
;SELECT = Turn all off
;BUGS - Bouncy Nades
0x00339D78 0x0A200940
0x00002500 0x3c0808d4
0x00002504 0x8d0842b0
0x00002508 0x24090180
0x0000250c 0x240a0120
0x00002510 0x240b0140
0x00002514 0x240c0001
0x00002518 0x15090005
0x00002520 0x3c0d089d
0x00002524 0x3c0e1080
0x00002528 0x25ce0007
0x0000252c 0xadae39a0
0x00002530 0x150a0005
0x00002538 0x3c0d089d
0x0000253c 0x3c0e0000
0x00002540 0x25ce0000
0x00002544 0xadae2ec8
0x00002548 0x150b0005
0x00002550 0x3c0d089d
0x00002554 0x3c0e34a5
0x00002558 0x25ce0003
0x0000255c 0xadae3124
0x00002560 0x150c000d
0x00002568 0x3c0d089d
0x0000256c 0x3c0e1480
0x00002570 0x25ce0007
0x00002574 0xadae39a0
0x00002578 0x3c0d089d
0x0000257c 0x3c0e460c
0x00002580 0x25cee302
0x00002584 0xadae2ec8
0x00002588 0x3c0d089d
0x0000258c 0x3c0e34a5
0x00002590 0x25ce0001
0x00002594 0xadae3124
0x00002598 0x03e00008

#Thermal Vision(L)
;Press L for thermal vision
0x00339D78 0x0A200440
0x00001100 0x3c0808d4
0x00001104 0x8d0842b0
0x00001108 0x24090100
0x0000110c 0x240a0000
0x00001110 0x1509000d
0x00001118 0x3c080898
0x0000111c 0x3c0903e0
0x00001120 0x25290008
0x00001124 0xad098f0c
0x00001128 0x3c0a08ef
0x0000112c 0x3c0bffff
0x00001130 0x356bffff
0x00001134 0xad4b4620
0x00001138 0x3c0c08ef
0x0000113c 0x3c0d4560
0x00001140 0x25ad0000
0x00001144 0xad8d4618
0x00001148 0x150a000d
0x00001150 0x3c080898
0x00001154 0x3c0927bd
0x00001158 0x3529ff90
0x0000115c 0xad098f0c
0x00001160 0x3c0a08ef
0x00001164 0x3c0bff53
0x00001168 0x356b9ede
0x0000116c 0xad4b4620
0x00001170 0x3c0c08ef
0x00001174 0x3c0d4170
0x00001178 0x25ad0000
0x0000117c 0xad8d4618
0x00001180 0x03e00008

#Sleight of hand
BUGS - Rapidfire
0x00339D78 0x0A200800
0x00002000 0x3C0808D4
0x00002004 0x850842B0
0x00002008 0x3C0908CE
0x0000200C 0x340A0080
0x00002010 0x340B0200
0x00002014 0x3C0C387F
0x00002018 0x358D29B6
0x0000201C 0x3C0EEB46
0x00002020 0x35CE0009
0x00002024 0x150A0002
0x0000202C 0xAD2D17D8
0x00002030 0x150B0002
0x00002038 0xAD2E17D8
0x0000203C 0x03E00008

#Custom Class
;Plug in gun values in the value
;Slot 1
0x005B03A4 0x00000000
;Slot 2
0x005B03A8 0x00000000
;Slot 3
0x005B03AC 0x00000000

#Infinite Stamina
0x0015C76C 0xC48C1F0C

#Mini players
;Tiny players
0x0006F864 0x3C043F10

#Giant players
;Huge players
0x0006F864 0x3C043FB0

#Delay nade
;Invisible nade
0x001D3118 0x03E00008

#Delay Nade(REAL)
0x001D39E8 0x03E00008

#No nade explosion
0x001D3E24 0x03E00008

0x001D4040 0x03E00008

#Blanks v2
0x001D438C 0x03E00008

#SeeThroughWalls (L)
;Press L to seethrough
0x001BF714 0x0A200184
0x00000610 0x3c0808dd
0x00000614 0x85083068
0x00000618 0x24090100
0x0000061c 0x340a0000
0x00000620 0x15090005
0x00000628 0x3c0808b5
0x0000062c 0x3c093c05
0x00000630 0x3529f000
0x00000634 0xad095cac
0x00000638 0x150a0005
0x00000640 0x3c0808b5
0x00000644 0x3c093c05
0x00000648 0x35293f80
0x0000064c 0xad095cac
0x00000650 0x03e00008

#Nades/RPG Teleporter
0x001BF714 0x0A200400
0x00001000 0x3c080880
0x00001004 0x8d093ffc
0x00001008 0x15200004
0x00001010 0x3c0908e3
0x00001014 0x252986dc
0x00001018 0xad093ffc
0x0000101c 0x8d093ffc
0x00001020 0x8d2a0000
0x00001024 0x15400004
0x0000102c 0x3c0908e3
0x00001030 0x252986dc
0x00001034 0xad093ffc
0x00001038 0x8d093ffc
0x0000103c 0x25290004
0x00001040 0xad093ffc
0x00001044 0x8d093ffc
0x00001048 0x8d290000
0x0000104c 0x1120000c
0x00001054 0x3c0a08e3
0x00001058 0x8d4a865c
0x0000105c 0x8d4a0010
0x00001060 0x11400007
0x00001068 0x8d2b0070
0x0000106c 0x8d2c0074
0x00001070 0x8d2d0078
0x00001074 0xad4bfee8
0x00001078 0xad4cfeec
0x0000107c 0xad4dfef0
0x00001080 0x03e00008

#Nade/RPG Teleporter (SELECTOR)
;Press SELECT to select player
0x000fd988 0x0A200440
0x00001100 0x3c080880
0x00001104 0x8d093ffc
0x00001108 0x15200004
0x00001110 0x3c0908e3
0x00001114 0x252986e0
0x00001118 0xad093ffc
0x0000111c 0x8d093ffc
0x00001120 0x8d290000
0x00001124 0x15200004
0x0000112c 0x3c0908e3
0x00001130 0x252986e0
0x00001134 0xad093ffc
0x00001138 0x8d093ffc
0x0000113c 0x8d290000
0x00001140 0x1120002a
0x00001148 0x3c0a09c0
0x0000114c 0x812b04BC
0x00001150 0xa14b1DEC
0x00001154 0x812b04BD
0x00001158 0xa14b1DEE
0x0000115c 0x812b04BE
0x00001160 0xa14b1DF0
0x00001164 0x812b04BF
0x00001168 0xa14b1DF2
0x0000116c 0x812b04C0
0x00001170 0xa14b1DF4
0x00001174 0x812b04C1
0x00001178 0xa14b1DF6
0x0000117c 0x812b04C2
0x00001180 0xa14b1DF8
0x00001184 0x812b04C3
0x00001188 0xa14b1DFA
0x0000118c 0x812b04C4
0x00001190 0xa14b1DFC
0x00001194 0x812b04C5
0x00001198 0xa14b1DFE
0x0000119c 0x812b04C6
0x000011a0 0xa14b1E00
0x000011a4 0x812b04C7
0x000011a8 0xa14b1E02
0x000011ac 0x812b04C8
0x000011b0 0xa14b1E04
0x000011b4 0x812b04c9
0x000011b8 0xa14b1e06
0x000011bc 0x812b04c9
0x000011c0 0xa14b1e08
0x000011c4 0x3c0c08e3
0x000011c8 0x8d8c865c
0x000011cc 0x8d8c0010
0x000011d0 0x11800008
0x000011d8 0x8d2d0070
0x000011dc 0x8d2e0074
0x000011e0 0x8d2f0078
0x000011e4 0xad8dfee8
0x000011e8 0xad8efeec
0x000011ec 0xad8ffef0
0x000011f0 0x3c0a08dd
0x000011f4 0x854a3068
0x000011f8 0x240b0001
0x000011fc 0x154b0005
0x00001204 0x3c0a0880
0x00001208 0x8d4b3ffc
0x0000120c 0x256b0004
0x00001210 0xad4b3ffc
0x00001214 0x03e00008
0x01401D70 0x41000000
0x01401D74 0x43200000

#Teleport to nade(SELECT)
;press SELECT to teleport
0x001BF714 0x0A200400
0x00001000 0x3C0808E3
0x00001004 0x8D08865C
0x00001008 0x8D080010
0x0000100C 0x3C0908DD
0x00001010 0x8D293068
0x00001014 0x240A0001
0x00001018 0x152A0009
0x00001020 0x3C0B08E3
0x00001024 0x8D6B86DC
0x00001028 0x8D0CFEE8
0x0000102C 0x8D0DFEEC
0x00001030 0x8D0EFEF0
0x00001034 0xAD6C0070
0x00001038 0xAD6D0074
0x0000103C 0xAD6E0078
0x00001040 0x03E00008

#Sleight of Hand
;Press L after reloading
0x00080CBC 0x0A2004C0
0x00001300 0x3c0808dd
0x00001304 0x8d083068
0x00001308 0x24090080
0x0000130c 0x240a0100
0x00001310 0x15090005
0x00001318 0x3c0b0886
0x0000131c 0x3c0c3c04
0x00001320 0x358c4010
0x00001324 0xad6cd7b0
0x00001328 0x150a0005
0x00001330 0x3c0b0886
0x00001334 0x3c0c3c04
0x00001338 0x358c3f80
0x0000133c 0xad6cd7b0
0x00001340 0x03e00008
I might have made a few more just lost them. And some are un-released :confused: