Ok so you can use the decoder in manyways. I will show you how to find a function useing the decoder and changeing values to what you want them to be.

Ok so lets take a code like this:

#Instant Reload
0x0005A084 0x3C04FFFF

you copy address to decoder and you look at the MIPS ASM(OPCODE and ARGS)
OpCODE which is the MIPS CMD would say its lui (load upper immidiate)
ARGS which is the register and what its loading would say a0 $3F80. a0(argument)


That is just for InstantReload

3F80 is a float for 1.0000

Now you look around that area to look for a function.

Function commonly look like this: addiu sp sp $FFXX -- The xx are variables meaning other numbers. a function can also start like this addiu sp sp $FEXX -- again the xx are variables

you ask why functions are important? because it like a gear in a game. (you know like gears in cars, bikes, etc?) with out functions the game wont work. Now how do you check what a function does and what its used for you JR RA it the value - 03E00008
Now you check what is missing or you cant do

The code Instantreload was in this function: addiu sp sp $FE90
I jr ra it and this is what happened:

#No Shooting/Switching
0x0005A018 0x03E00008

Now changeing values the better way/easier way. when you come across one of these MIPS/OPCODE
(Theres a few more just dont have them at my top of the head)

in the decoder will look something like this lui t0 $XXXX and the value will look like this - 0x3C08-XXXX- you copy value and address into an empty code and you change the last 4 digits of the code without changeing the OPCODE. so it will give you a better result easier to make mods and different used for code also finding a better value when you are searching.