#Move Gernade/Rocket
;L LEFT = West
;L RIGHT = East
;L UP = North
;L DOWN = South
;SELECT + UP = Jump
;SELECT + DOWN = Stop movement
;Does Not work with delay nade????
0x00339D78 0x0A200400
0x00001000 0x3c0808d4
0x00001004 0x8d0842b0
0x00001008 0x24090120
0x0000100c 0x340d0180
0x00001010 0x240a0110
0x00001014 0x340e0140
0x00001018 0x240b0011
0x0000101c 0x340f0041
0x00001020 0x3c0c08d8
0x00001024 0x8d8c34EC
0x00001028 0x1128000d
0x00001030 0x11480012
0x00001038 0x11680017
0x00001040 0x11a8001c
0x00001048 0x11c80021
0x00001050 0x11e80026
0x00001058 0x03e00008
0x00001060 0xc58c0060
0x00001064 0x3c0a3DCC
0x00001068 0x448a6800
0x0000106c 0x460d6380
0x00001070 0xe58e0060
0x00001074 0x03e00008
0x0000107c 0xc58c0064
0x00001080 0x3c0a3dcc
0x00001084 0x448a6800
0x00001088 0x460d6380
0x0000108c 0xe58e0064
0x00001090 0x03e00008
0x00001098 0xc58c0068
0x0000109c 0x3c0a3dcc
0x000010a0 0x448a6800
0x000010a4 0x460d6380
0x000010a8 0xe58e0068
0x000010ac 0x03e00008
0x000010b4 0xc58c0060
0x000010b8 0x3c0a3dcc
0x000010bc 0x448a6800
0x000010c0 0x460d6380
0x000010c4 0xe58e0060
0x000010c8 0x03e00008
0x000010d0 0xc58c0064
0x000010d4 0x3c0a3dcc
0x000010d8 0x448a6800
0x000010dc 0x460d6380
0x000010e0 0xe58e0064
0x000010e4 0x03e00008
0x000010ec 0xc58c0068
0x000010f0 0x3c0a3dcc
0x000010f4 0x448a6800
0x000010f8 0x460d6380
0x000010fc 0xe58e0068
0x00001100 0x03e00008

#Move Yourself
;L + LEFT = West
;L + RIGHT = East
;L + UP = North
;L + DOWN = South
;UP + SELECT = Jump
;DOWN + SELECT = Come down faster
0x00339D78 0x0A360000
0x00580000 0x3c0808d4
0x00580004 0x8d0842b0
0x00580008 0x24090120
0x0058000c 0x340d0180
0x00580010 0x240a0110
0x00580014 0x340e0140
0x00580018 0x240b0011
0x0058001c 0x340f0041
0x00580020 0x3c0c08d8
0x00580024 0x8d8c361c
0x00580028 0x1128000d
0x00580030 0x11480012
0x00580038 0x11680017
0x00580040 0x11a8001c
0x00580048 0x11c80021
0x00580050 0x11e80026
0x00580058 0x03e00008
0x00580060 0xc58c0070
0x00580064 0x3c0a0100
0x00580068 0x448a6800
0x0058006c 0x460d6380
0x00580070 0xe58e0070
0x00580074 0x03e00008
0x0058007c 0xc58c0074
0x00580080 0x3c0a0100
0x00580084 0x448a6800
0x00580088 0x460d6380
0x0058008c 0xe58e0074
0x00580090 0x03e00008
0x00580098 0xc58c0078
0x0058009c 0x3c0a0100
0x005800a0 0x448a6800
0x005800a4 0x460d6380
0x005800a8 0xe58e0078
0x005800ac 0x03e00008
0x005800b4 0xc58c0070
0x005800b8 0x3c0a0100
0x005800bc 0x448a6800
0x005800c0 0x460d6380
0x005800c4 0xe58e0070
0x005800c8 0x03e00008
0x005800d0 0xc58c0074
0x005800d4 0x3c0a0100
0x005800d8 0x448a6800
0x005800dc 0x460d6380
0x005800e0 0xe58e0074
0x005800e4 0x03e00008
0x005800ec 0xc58c0078
0x005800f0 0x3c0a0100
0x005800f4 0x448a6800
0x005800f8 0x460d6380
0x005800fc 0xe58e0078
0x00580100 0x03e00008

Codes to expect soon

Green - Done
Red - In progress



#Killswitch (L + R)

#Radar points to enemy (SELECTOR)




#Thermal Vision (SELECT)