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    Default [SC7E52] CODBO - BO codes i am currently using

    Ok b4 anyone gives me crap about this, IK THAT THESE ARE PROBLEY A REPOST. I just wanna share some codes with everyone. SO DONT GIVE ME CRAP ABOUT THIS!!!!! Please..
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    UNLIMITED UAV    (enlarged mini map also)
     054C70D8 01000000
     054C7228 00000000
     054C6F88 5B9FDF43
     054C6FF8 5B9FDF43
     054C7068 00000000
     054C59A8 3FC00000
     054C40B8 01000000
    Bad Words Modifier (Host): [Kyle/DeanViet]
     04A9D040 53484954
     04A9D044 00000000
     04A9D048 00000000
     04A9D04C 00000000
     04A9D050 00000000
     04A9FA20 4e494747
     04A9FA24 45520000
     04A9FA28 00000000
     04A9FA2C 00000000
     04A9FA30 00000000
     04AA2400 44494c44
     04AA2404 4f000000
     04AA2408 00000000
     04AA240C 00000000
     04AA2410 00000000
     04AA4DE0 41535348
     04AA4DE4 4f4c4500
     04AA4DE8 00000000
     04AA4DEC 00000000
     04AA4DF0 00000000
     04AA77C0 57484f52
     04AA77C4 45000000
     04AA77C8 00000000
     04AA77CC 00000000
     04AA77D0 00000000
     04AAA1A0 50454e49
     04AAA1A4 53000000
     04AAA1A8 00000000
     04AAA1AC 00000000
     04AAA1B0 00000000
     04AACB80 56414749
     04AACB84 4e410000
     04AACB88 00000000
     04AACB8C 00000000
     04AACB90 00000000
     04AAF560 424f4f42
     04AAF564 49455300
     04AAF568 00000000
     04AAF56C 00000000
     04AAF570 00000000
     04AB1F40 4655434b
     04AB1F44 00000000
     04AB1F48 00000000
     04AB1F4C 00000000
     04AB1F50 00000000
     E0000000 80008000
    Hardline mod (z-button on wiimote) (must have hardline on)
     28200FA0 00002000
     054D1168 00000011
     E0000000 80008000
     Clip Size Multiplier [HAXZing TERR0RIST] [host only] (gives ur primary weapon 1023 bullets) (so on one can be a retard and noobtube)
     054CBF28 44A72000
    No Cool Down [HAXZing TERR0RIST] [host only] (seems to effect my no recoil code)
     054CE688 01000000
    No Wait Time between Invites [ropers]
     054B6669 00000000
     054C7228 00000000
     Show Map On Hardcore [Metasmash]
     214B5A98 01000001
     0552B2D0 00006C80
     E0000000 80008000
    Max players in lobby(aka force host no migration )
     054B1C78 0000000A
    Moon Jump [jedi hack] (in my opinion, its the best one)
     28200FA0 00008000
     054CFE28 4479C000 
     054D3AF8 42C60000 
     054CE6F8 42960000
     E0000000 80008000
    Display Prestige LBs [Arhood] (shows them ingame) (teammates only)
     054B43D8 01000000
    Unlimited Sprint [Speedah/Mitch]
     054CCCB8 01000000
    No fall dmg
     054CA8D8 5B9FDF43
    Lagometer Non-Host Only [BLiTz*]
     054C0C38 01000000
    Browse Through Store [Mitch]
     054ADAD8 01000000
    Bullet Tracers [TheMonsterModder]
     054C28A8 3F800000
     054C29F8 43C80000
     054C2988 44BB8000
     054C2918 40C80000
    Speed Hack /WORKING FOR ALL PLAYERS/ (Press Home+A+B on Wiimote) [[email protected]]   (zombies only)
     28200F40 73FF8C00
     F6000001 800080FF
     FC202210 FC200818
     D2000008 00000003
     3D803B83 618C126F
     918600D4 C00600D4
     60000000 00000000
     CC000000 00000000
     F6000001 800080FF
     FC202210 FC200818
     D2000008 00000003
     3D803A83 618C126F
     918600D4 C00600D4
     60000000 00000000
     E0000000 80008000
    Ingame Scoreboard color mod[BLiTz*] (makes ur name purple)
     054C8B88 800080AA
    command code bravo button layout [ropers] (zombies) [WIIMOTE ONLY]
    42000000 90000000
     0613ABDE 000000C9
     78DA658F DD8AC230
     1046EF0B 7D87A1B7
     7BB94F90 DA4A8B56
     455D8A7B E1109350
     83F92349 D7759F7E
     2B14517B 37CC99F3
     F14D6F4E D270AA54
     9ADC0768 EB1AAB75
     5342D659 9EA549BC
     CA101F84 40662C53
     D24DC8F7 20C81F01
     546BFB02 8B0D29B0
     58B7ABF1 209E7BC3
     85EF7A83 BDEB3CE5
     82E39F9E 2A5F9B51
     60DE8670 B25714BF
     4ED930AC DEC4E776
     1FC17969 2252C391
     512D3C55 965DA6E9
     CB72BE1F F3732FD9
     05734543 141EB57B
     4ECC5FBF 0AF406D9
     F1B3ADC8 7E0743C1
     43B983BA 01021599
     2DCA6D9A FC03DF64
     6E510000 00000000
     E0000000 80008000
    1. start a match
    2. Change ur controls to bravo
    3. Then go to custom, make attack/shoot "b"
    4. home button=god mode
    5. twist nunchuck and press "z"= ammo refiller
    6. twist nunchuck and press "a"= no clip
    7. twist nunchuck and press down on d-pad= zeus cannon
    8. twist nunchuck and press left (or up i cant remember) on d-pad for awful lawton
    Inf. Money/Score (All Players)Zombies (home)
     28200EE0 00008000
     F6000001 800080FF
     90930098 9013009C
     D200000C 00000003
     3D805F5E 618CE0FF
     918300A4 800300A4
     60000000 00000000
     E0000000 80008000
     Zombie Inf Ammo (stays same, no decrese) [works great with rapid fire]
     043A732C 38A00000
    Rapid Fire Host Only (home)
    28200F40 7FFF8000
     F6000001 800080FF
     7F23CB78 38800002
     14000044 60000000
     E0000000 80008000
    Custom Weapon Changer All Players Host [strakn] (gives everone the m6o)
     214C59B8 3F800000
     08A98040 00000000
     200929E0 00000000
     08A98058 000004D2
     200929E0 00000000
     08A98208 00000000
     200929E0 00000000
     08A98210 000004D2
     200929E0 00000000
     E0000000 80008000
    NO FLASH Non-Host [Ropers]
     054BFF88 00000000
    X-Ray Vision Non-Host (home) (can get annoying after a while:/)
     28200FA0 00008000
     054D68E8 00000000
     CC000000 00000001
     054D68E8 60000000
     E0000000 80008000
     highlight enemy orange (glitches-highlights teammates sometimes too)
     214EB1F4 0000000C
     C0000000 00000022
     9421FFB0 BDC10008
     7DC802A6 41820004
     48000011 43300000
     80000000 437F0000
     7DE802A6 CA0F0000
     C1EF0008 3F008144
     6318BF60 3AE00000
     3A8000F0 3AA00023
     3AC00011 DA01FFF8
     6E948000 9281FFFC
     CA81FFF8 FE948028
     FE947824 DA01FFF8
     6EB58000 92A1FFFC
     CAA1FFF8 FEB58028
     FEB57824 DA01FFF8
     6ED68000 92C1FFFC
     CAC1FFF8 FED68028
     FED67824 3AF70001
     D2980000 D2B80010
     D2D80020 3B180078
     2C170009 4180FF94
     3E208165 62316000
     C2F10004 C3110008
     FEF7C02A 48000010
     C2F10004 C3110008
     FEF7C028 C311000C
     C3310010 FC17C040
     40810014 FC17C840
     40800014 D2F10004
     48000010 D3110004
     48000008 D3310004
     7DC803A6 B9C10008
     38210050 4E800020
     60000000 00000000
    Silent Run/Walk[BLiTz*]
     054CC4D8 FFFFFFFF
    +rep to me if u like the codes!!!

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    what is the bad name mod say

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