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    Exclamation [ATTENTION]Read this first before posting.

    Okay so I made this simple rules list for when posting here. If you have a request, put [REQUEST] in your title. If you need help, put [HELP] in your title. Otherwise, just title on how you feel.
    Please do not spam. Below i compiled and quoted previous threads that were before posted that has major points needed from previous stickies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Badboy View Post
    before you say you have 002 error make sure your using to load the codes.

    before you say gecko wont load, unplug your mic, load the game, and plug it back in.

    before you post a thread saying codes are not working, set your hook type to OSSleepthread.

    before you make a post about your wii freezing when you load up a zombies or multiplayer with codes, your not supposed to use zombie codes with multiplayer codes.

    before you make a post about "making" a new long ass code which is really just 2 or more codes stacked on top of eachother, dont, and if you do, people will be annoyed and troll you, and if you do you must post credits for everyone who made a code thats in "your" jumbled piece of shit. and i advise no to use them at all because if one code gets patched your wii might freeze and good luck remembering where you put the code or finding out what code is patched.

    before you make a post about non-host god-mode, there is none.

    before you make a post about help with name modifier, go here

    before you make a post about a specific code, search in the search bar and if you dont find anything then post.

    No spamming.

    No excessive pedobears/trollfaces/bananas.

    and lastly respect people who have been here for more than a few days.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChumLee View Post
    Before you request a code use the search bar to try and find it on the forums.
    Quote Originally Posted by mini
    If there are any additions needed to be added, an admin, smod, Slink, or I will do so.

    Thank you,
    PvtRyan and Slink

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