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    Post [READ]Available Positions & Application Outlines

    Administrators, if you edit this post, please edit the "Positions as of" date. Thank you.
    Members and Staff, please read the entire post for a better understanding on how we operate.


    Positions as of 1-11-14

    Lead Moderator: CLOSED
    Super Moderator: CLOSED
    Section Moderator: OPEN
    Graphic Artist: OPEN
    Coder: OPEN
    Programmer: OPEN

    Those marked with an asterisk * are subject to change in the near future, and will be hand picked by the administration.

    Basic application outline
    Position desired:
    Why do you want the position:
    (For Coders/Graphic Artists) Post some of your work:

    Application Requirements
    The number one thing, of course, is to be active. Inactivity could result in losing your position. However, vacations, family time, funerals etc. are excluded, we completely understand if any of that goes down. That happens to all of us, and can happen at any given time. Another important thing; do not go overly happy with moderating. Some things such as going through and closing every old thread, searching any and every thread for the slightest of a flame to blow it out of proportion, and thinking you should go and grammar correct any post. Speaking of which, editing other members posts, is a huge no no. UNLESS it is to change a code's credits to the appropriate creator. That's it!

    For coders, we don't expect much out of you, but what we do ask is to share your knowledge, create guides, occasionally a code or mod you have created, anything that you could find to be beneficiary to the community. No, you don't have to post a code if you don't want to, but it would be helpful to know that you are still putting forth an effort into expanding your knowledge as a coder. Is there something you only want to share with fellow coders? There is a Coder section dedicated to that just for you, if you have not noticed. You do not have to be the best coder out there to be accepted, just dedicated to learning about it.
    (assuming you have a decent understanding of it)

    The final thing to tack on to this, is seniority and maturity. Those who are trolls, spammers, and whiners who have been here for 4 weeks are much less likely to get a position over a member who has been here for 4 months and dedicating their heart out to the community. Yes, we do watch what content you post, we look over it again when you place an application.

    Basic Application Side Notes
    Be realistic, do not apply for Moderator/Super Moderator and expect to get it after only being here for a month or two. We do take a look into every bit of content you post, we base our decisions based off of behavior, maturity, seniority, activity level, content within a post, and how you interact with the community.

    However, do not expect to fill out an application with only a sentence or two providing why you want the position, a paragraph or two would be nice and would get the point across in a simple yet descriptive manner. Fill your application out as if you're applying for a real job, sell yourself, make us want you to be a part of the team. Experience is another nice thing to possess as well. We wouldn't mind giving you a hand if you're accepted and aren't sure what to do, but knowing how to moderate things on a forum makes things that much easier, instead of giving you a checklist of things to do and what to watch for.

    As for coders, we don't care if you just joined and you are a master coder. Dedicate yourself to the forum for a decent period of time, then fill out an application following and understanding the guidelines below. It would be pointless to have a newcomer coder apply, get the position, and die off.

    Graphic Artist Requirements
    Requirements to qualify are stated below.

    • Have at least five high-quality signatures (quality will be judged by existing Graphic Artists and Admins)
    • Have at least five critical posts (or "cnc")
    Must have a minimum 4 uploaded/downloadable PSD's.

    You must link to each of these when making a Graphic Artist application as proof, or it will be rejected automatically.

    Coder Requirements
    When applying for Coder, please specify which portion of coder you are applying for. Requirements to qualify are stated below.

    • Know basic MIPS instructions.
    • Know how to defeat DMA.
    • Know how to create a subroutine without a template.
    • Some codes you have created.

    • You need to know how to code more than just editing a DVAR.
    • Basic DMA knowledge and how to defeat it.
    • Basic ASM knowledge.
    • Some codes and/or mods created by YOU.

    Programmer Requirements
    When applying for Programmer, please specify which portion of Programmer you are applying for. Requirements to qualify are stated below.

    • Know at least 1 language. (Can write a complete non basic program in it)
    • VB doesn't count.
    • Posted 3 advanced tutorials/guides in the language you are applying for.
    • Put in your application the source code of a program you have made (or if its private, pm it to demon450) but explicitly state in the application that it is private and that you pmed it to demon450 if you do so. Don't worry, I am not going to steal it, I do not care enough.
    • Post a download link of the program above with a virus checker link.
    • Bonus points for posting a video of you explaining the program (use a screen capture, I don't care about your face, I wanna see the program).

    • Know at least html, css, and javascript.
    • Bonus points for knowing either php, asp or sql.
    • Posted 3 advanced tutorials/guides.
    • Post a website that you have made (if you had help, point out specific things you did).

    Section Mod Prerequisites
    • Activity is probably the biggest, so of course being active.
    • Aware of the surroundings and the atmosphere of how this forum operates. We are VERY different from about 97.4% of the forums out there.
    • Some seniority on the forum, and a well rounded member. It kinda expresses the first two things again, but of course we don't expect to see people with a post count of 50, and being registered for a month or two. Then again you could have 5,000 posts and still not be fit for the spot.
    (some exceptions may vary)

    • Last thing, which is most important, sticking to the damn job. Don't fill out an application just for the power and username color, you'll lose that spot to someone deserving it and wanting to cover that position in a better manner. Moderate where needed, but don't go too crack happy looking for every little mistake. Read above in the side notes and outline.

    If you considered this a tl;dr, then you may not have as great of an understanding to this as someone who did go through all of this. Oh, and fuck you, this took forever.

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