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SWGEmu Is An Emulation Of The Original Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG Which Takes On The Role Of A Private As-Is Fun Server, Which Emulates SWG Back To its PRE-CU (Pre-Combat Upgrade) Days.

Its Kind Of Like WoW But less "Nerdy" "Gay" "Life Wasting"

Heres Some Information On The Professions:

How do I raise my skills?
Unlike many other MMORPGs released at this time, you climb the discipline skills by using your skills. For instance, to gain blaster skill, you must use a blaster in combat. To become a better Medic, you must heal people who have been hurt. You get XP (for lack of a better word) towards a skill when it is used, and when you have obtained enough of the required xp, you can train at the next level of that skill. There is no general XP, so you cannot use a blaster to kill a creature and then put that XP towards cooking. Crafters have a special way of gaining xp towards their skills. They do gain some XP when you create an item, and then they gain it again when somebody else uses an item they've made. So if a Chef baked a dozen pies, they would get some xp towards their skills, and then even more if somebody else ate their pies. Skills are raised by having another character (who has the skill) or NPC train you. NPCs charge for this service, so your best bet would be to find another player with the skill you want to learn. Each character has a set number of 'skill points' they can use at once. Each skill costs a certain amount of skill points. You may train in as many skills as you wish, as long as you have enough free skill points, and the prerequisites, to purchase them.

Can I change my Profession if I don't like it?
Yes. A player can 'untrain' the skill points they've spent on skills and disciplines at any time, and then explore new skills with them. However, you will lose all of the XP you gained towards those skills, and you will not be able to get it back if you change your mind.

What are the Professions?
There are basically two types of Professions in Star Wars Galaxies. The six Starting Professions are the basic type - they have no prerequisites and you must chose one at character creation before entering the world. The other type is Advanced Professions - these are Professions which require certain disciplines or entire professions be mastered before they can be explored. Different professions require different prerequisites, and some even require that two or three skills be mastered.

Artisan: The basic crafting profession. All of the other crafting professions, such as Tailor, Armorsmith, and Chef, spawn from these disciplines.
Disciplines: Engineering, Domestic Arts. Buisness, and Surveying.

Brawler: The basic melee profession, proficient in hand to hand combat and with a number of simple weapons. Other melee professions, that is skills dealing with close ranged weapons, spawn from these disciplines.
Disciplines: Polearm, One Handed Sword, Two Handed Sword, and Unarmed.

Entertainer: The basic 'buff' profession. Entertainers (and later, Dancers and Musicians) can offer dances and music which can empower your character or heal wounds.
Disciplines: Image Design, Musicianship, Dancing and Entertainment Healing.

Marksman: The basic ranged combat profession. All other professions which require use of a blaster or long ranged weapon require some of this professions disciplines as prerequisites.
Disciplines: Pistol, Carbine, Rifle, and Ranged Support.

Medic: The basic healing profession. Players investing in these disciplines are able to heal damage and wounds given to players in combat. The Doctor and Combat Medic require much of this profession be trained.
Disciplines: Diagnostics, First Aid, Pharmacology, and Organic Chemistry.

Scout: The basic light-weight profession. Scouts are initially proficient in movement and fauna identification and gathering. Advanced scouts can look forward to the professions of Creature Handler and Ranger.
Disciplines: Exploration, Hunting, Survival, Trapping.

Architect: This professions allows players to construct buildings and other structures. It requires some background in the Artisan profession.
Requirements: Artisan(Engineering)
Disciplines: Furniture, Construction, Installations, Buildings

Armorsmith: This profession is similar to the Weaponsmith, and will allow players to construct armor for other players to use. It most definitely requires background in the Artisan field.
Requirements: Artisan(Engineering)
Disciplines: Personal Armor, Layers, Deflectors, Technique.

Bio-Engineer: This profession is used to breed animals to be stronger and faster. It requires kowledge of the Scout and Medic fields.
Requirements: Scout(Hunting), Medic(Organic Chemistry)
Disciplines: Clone & Tissue Engineering, DNA Sampling, Techniques.

Bounty Hunter: The ultimate track and kill profession, the player bounty hunter will be both a certified scout and expert combatant. You will likely require some backing in the Scout profession, as well as Marksman.
Requirements: Master Scout, Master Marksman
Disciplines: Investigation, Bounty Carbine & Pistol, Light Lightning Cannon.

Carabineer: This advanced Marksman professions specializes in the use of ranged carbines.
Requirements: Marksman(Carbine)
Disciplines: Assault Tactics, Marksmanship, Counterinsurgency, Special Abilities.

Chef: An accomplished Chef can create foods that will temporarily improve player's attributes. A chef requires the player to already be an accomplished Artisan.
Requirements: Artisan(Domestic Arts)
Disciplines: Entrees, Desserts, Mixology, Cooking

Combat Medic: This profession allows players to heal others and fight in the field of battle. To be a combat medic, you will require skills from the starting Medic profession.
Requirements: Master Medic, Marksman(Ranged Support)
Disciplines: Healing Distance, Healing Speed, Medicine Crafting, Support.

Commando: A commando has the combined skills of a Brawler and a Marksman, and is deadly in both melee and ranged combat.
Requirements: Master Marksman, Brawler(Master Unarmed)
Disciplines: Field Tactics, Heavy Weapons, Flamethrower, Acid Rifle

Creature Handler: The Creature Handler is an advanced Scout profession, and allows players to tame and train creatures to obey their commands.
Requirements: Scout(Hunting), Scout(Exploration)
Disciplines: Creature Taming, Training, Empathy, and Management.

Dancer: This profession is an advanced form of the starting Entertainer profession. It allows players to perform dances that heal and/or increase the abilities of all those who watch.
Requirements: Entertainer(Dancing)
Disciplines: Technique, Wound Healing, Knowledge, Fatigue Healing.

Doctor: The Doctor is an advanced Medic who has a greater capacity to heal then his starting profession counterpart.
Requirements: Master Medic
Disciplines: Wound Treatment, Treatment Speed, Medicine Knowledge & Crafting.

Droid Engineer: A Droid Engineer is an advanced Artisan profession which allows players to construct droid components and combine them to create doids.
Requirements: Artisan(Engineer)
Disciplines: Blueprints, Production, Refinement, Construction Techniques .

Fencer: The Fencer is an advanced Brawler proficient in pointy one-handed weapons. A fencer is fast and deadly in melee combat.
Requirements: Brawler(Master Onehanded Sword)
Disciplines: Styles and Grips, Footwork, Technique, Finesse.

Image Designer: Players who invest in this profession, which stems from the Artisan profession, can alter the appearance of other players - tattoos, hair styles, etc.
Requirements: Entertainer(Image Design)
Disciplines: Hairstyling, Facial, Body & Marking Customizations.

Jedi: This elite profession requires a character be Force Sensitive. It contains all the Jedi skills.
Requirements: Force Sensitivity.
Disciplines: Force Wielding.

Merchant: This profession allows players to create shops and shopkeepers and sell/buy wares. The merchant profession requires previous experience in the Artisan skill tree.
Requirements: Artisan(Buisness)
Disciplines: Advertising, Efficieny, Hiring, Management.

Musician: The musician is similar to the Dancer in the fact that their abilities heal and/or increase the abilities of others. Requires backing in the Entertainer skill tree.
Requirements: Entertainer(Musical)
Disciplines: Technique, Wound Healing, Knowledge, Fatigue Healing.

Pikeman: A pikeman is an expert in long, blunt melee weapons. He is fast and accurate up close. To be a pikeman, you will need experience as a Brawler.
Requirements: Brawler(Master Polearm)
Disciplines: Stances, Offensive & Defensive Techniques, Support Abilities.

Pistoleer: Similar to the Carabineer profession, except with smaller and more accurate (at close range) weapons.
Requirements: Marksman(Pistol Specialist)
Disciplines: Tactics, Marksmanship, Stances and Grips, Special Abilities.

Ranger: An advanced profession that extends directly from the Scout profession. A ranger is proficient in movement over rough terrain and tracking. Some of the Ranger's disciplines are likely prerequisites for a bounty hunter profession.
Requirements: Master Scout
Disciplines: Wayfaring, Frontiering, Field Bioscience, Advanced Trapping.

Rifleman: The rifleman is extremely skillful with long ranged and accurate weapons. Will require a background as a Marksman, for sure.
Requirements: Marksman(Rifle Specialist)
Disciplines: Sniping Accuracy, Concealment Tactics, Counter-Sniping, Special Abilities.

Smuggler: A smuggler is proficient at moving illicit materials past security or 'faction police'.
Requirements: Marksman(Pistol Specialist), Brawler(Master Unarmed)
Disciplines: Underworld, Slicing, Dirty Fighting, Spices

Squad Leader: A squad leader is an accomplished Scout and Marksman. This profession specializes in skills that aid their group in movement and defense.
Requirements: Scout(Exploration), Scout(Survival), Marksman(???)
Disciplines: Mobility, Strategy, Leadership, Tactics.

Swordsman: This profession contains disciplines related to the use of two handed swords and other such weapons. Requires backing as a Brawler.
Requirements: Brawler(Master Twohanded Sword)
Disciplines: Offense, Techniques, Defense, Finesse.

Tailor: A proficient tailor is capable of creating new and unique clothing for players. A player can change their entire look with the help of a tailor. Requires Artisan skills.
Requirements: Artisan(Domestic Arts)
Disciplines: Casual Wear, Field Wear, Formal Wear, Tailoring.

Teras Kasi Artist: Some of the most deadly unarmed Brawlers become Tera Kasi Artists, capable of rending a great deal of damage with only their fists.
Requirements: Brawler(Master Unarmed)
Disciplines: Meditative & Power Techniques, Balance, Precicion Striking.

Weaponsmith: The weaponship profession contains disciplines for the creation and maintenance of weapons. Will require backing as an Artisan.
Requirements: Artisan(Engineering)
Disciplines: Melee Weapon, Firearm, Munitions, Technique.

Politician: A Politician has the powers to govern a player city. As a politician advances, his or her player city is able to expand and can include better and more efficient services.
Requirements: Apprenticeship XP
Disciplines: Unknown.

Heres A couple of gameplay videos you will enjoy:




Playing This Game Will Allow You To Explore Every Single Bit Of The Star Wars Saga!

Torrent For Star Wars Galaxies: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3506..._Patches_00-13)

Once Downloaded And Install Head Over To:
www.swgemu.com and make an account.

Once You Have Made An Account Follow This Guide:

Once Everything Is Installed Fully Just Hit Play!

Hope To See One Of Ya In-Game Soon,

Some Pics Of My Character/s In-game: