I was trying to figure out why my black ops iso`s wont load ok?
and i figured out that on my other iso i downloaded C.O.D. M.W.R.
has 2 partions, one with the game and one with THE BOOT FILES!!
on my C.O.D. B.O. files it doesnt have the other partion.

So i have come to the conclusion, the other black ops partion i am asumming that it has the BOOT FILES.

If so, i have figured out my problem.

Someone that has the black ops iso that loads could u tell me if the black ops iso has 2 partions and if that partion has the boot files i suspect it has.

(i am also wondering how i can get it???)
(mabey that person could pm me???)

oh and dont tell me to download the iso from usb loader gx ive done that already...

4 peeps who dont kno what im talking about, a partion, its when u load a game with trucha or scrubber then open the wii disk thing to see the game partions.