Today I will be helping you hack you PSP 3000 version 6.39! First you will need a 4gb memory stick if you are planning to play games off your memor stick once your PSP is hacked. First you will need to connect your PSP to your computer, then download this onto your computer ( After this is downloaded drag the FastRecovery folder and PROUPDATE into the folder named GAME on your PSP. To get to the GAME folder open the PSP folder and there should be another folder in there named GAME and that is where you should put those to other folders.

After that disconnect your PSP from your computer and turn on your PSP and go to Game Memory Stick on your PSP. When you open that there should be the FastRecovery and PROUPDATE in there. Start POUPDATE and click X to install the hacked software. Once this is done restart your PSP and it should be hacked!

Happy Hacking