Before starting your PSP must be hacked! You can get a tutorial on how to hack your PSP here:

Today I will be telling you how to install game ISO's onto your PSP. To get a game for free visit this website ( all the the games are free! If you would like the downloads to go faster I suggest getting uTorrent to download the ISO of the game, you can get this here ( After the ISO is downloading the ISO will either be in one .iso file or a bunch of .rar files, if this is the case you will need to download unrarx from here ( This will combine all the .rar files and put them into one .iso file. Once this is done create an ISO folder and place it into your PSP when it is connected to your computer. Then you can put the game ISO into that folder and then you should disconnect your PSP from your computer and go to the Game Memory Stick and the game should be in there!

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