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    Software Downloads & Software Requests

    It's come to my attention that there are people that are requesting software around the forum.

    Please post requests in the PC Requests sub-forum. Starting you thread title with [REQUEST].


    CodeLeakers is about anti-censorship, free speech is a users right here at CodeLeakers - however there are still some rules which need to be obeyed.

    A simple rule you can link to (almost) anything from CodeLeakers, just don't upload anything.

    Links to downloads are acceptable, remember not uploading so do not upload exe files or programs to CodeLeakers. You can use a file sharing network if you need to upload your own content. Links to harmful programs or viruses are forbidden.

    Links with heavy advertising and unnecessary redirects are not permitted. Links to .tk sites, and other similar sites, are forbidden.

    Illegal Content:
    You may post links following the rules given, any content that violates any law, (including content that is copyrighted, pirated, or copied) should not be uploaded to the CodeLeakers servers, upload your content to a file sharing network.

    Sometimes it may be necessary to include images, please do not upload/attach images where necessary - post them within image tags; upload them to another site.

    Virus Scans:
    Always include a virus scan to any download. This is extremely easy to do, just go to VirusTotal, upload your file, copy the URL, and paste it in your thread. If you neglect to include this, I will include it for you.

    These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
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