Wii For Dummies

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Learn to use the controllers, create a Mii, download new games, and more!

Get the most from your Wii! Whether you just bought a Wii game system, are planning to, or already know the basics and want to get more from this revolutionary game system, this book has the answers. Get physical with Wii Sports, turn game time into family time, make exercise fun with Wii Fit, and discover Wii's hidden talents, like displaying photos and browsing the Web.

Hook it up connect the Wii to your TV, home entertainment setup, or high-speed Internet connection
Gain control get familiar with Wii's unique controllers and learn to use the Nunchuk, Balance Board, Wheel, and Zapper

Start channeling explore the Wii Channels where you can shop for new games, check the weather forecast, check the news, and even watch videos

Your Mii character create avatars you can share, enter in contests, and use in games

Who needs a personal trainer? learn to use your whole body as a controller and get fit while you play

Find winning strategies get tips for success with Wii Sports tennis, golf, baseball, bowling, and boxing

Something for everyone discover the best games for parties, family events, nostalgia buffs, and even non-gamers

Open the book and find:

Ways to prevent damage to and from Wii remotes
How to use the Wii's full-featured Web browser

Tips on choosing games

How to enjoy photos, videos, and slideshows on your Wii

All about the Wii Message Board

Five hot Wii-specific Web sites

How to customize the Channels menu

Cool Wii games you can download