:banana::banana:this is goodbye to all my good allies on this site. my bro took his wii back soo i got no consoles i'LL be back though cuz i'm getting ps3 or 360...... i think 360 because my mom said shes gonna get Xbox but i want ps3. wel bye eveeryone i'l only be able to hack 4 u guyz and play with u guyz when i visit my bro until then bye DON'T GO OFF COPYING ME NOW THE ENTIRE:mad: }{K :mad:CLAN TOOK MY CLANS IDEA AND THE CYCOS CLAN IDEA OF THE NUMBERS IN NAME THAT QUEER ADDED ME TOOK MY NAME THEN DEETED ME ******S:mad:$#!t:mad: ANYWAYS I'LL BE BACK :banana::banana: tupid::dmaul::darthmaul::jedi::greenlightsaber::li ghtsabers::yoda::ewok::groar::hammers::frog::pig:: dog::dog:pider::cat::bunny::bunny::chicken:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll:troll: