God I feel like I'm spamming the mod section, so why not just make a thread with multiple questions? If you can't answer all of them its cool, if you can answer atleast one of them post, and for gods sake if you can't answer any of them don't post.

1. Where are all the places text can go? (I.e. back back) or can you somehow get onscreen coords for that?

2. What does self giveweapon do in comparison to giveweapon? Someone said self giveweapon means everyone gets it, but I thought wtf? That doesn't sound right.

3. How do you make visual effects for just you? Is this possible to do with text? So only you see the text?

4. How would you set transparency on the text, so like it slowly fades out?

5. Can anyone explain setexpfog for me? Like what are all the () variables representing?