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    Default Free Game Adder

    Download the program here:

    (This basically adds 750 games to your recent played list.)

    How to:
    1. Transfer your profile from your HDD/MU to desktop.

    2. Open up Free Game Adder.exe

    3. Open your profile.

    4. Click "Add All"

    5. In the browser dialog choose where to save your new profile.

    6. This will create a folders: "E000000000001337\FFFE07D1\00010000\" in the location you chose.
    Open the "E000000000001337" profile in Modio and rehash/resign. KEEP THE ID's THE sAME!!11!

    7. Transfer the "E000000000001337" FOLDER to "Partition 3\Content\" on your HDD

    8. Sign in on the new profile.

    9. Now go to avatar creator and make a new avatar and save it. This would take about 30 mins but keep
    checking on, after a few mins all the games will show up in the recently played history.
    When they do, cancel the avatar save (dashboard it) and either delete the adder profile and use your normal one
    or delete both profiles and recover. If you choose not to recover it will download the .GPD's over time.

    10. All done!

    More info regarding what this program does to your profile:

    Total games in libary: 750
    Total potential gamerscore: 546,155 G
    Total achievements: 22719

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