Installing Linux on your Android device is as simple as going to the Android Market, and searching for Linux Installer. You do need to have your device rooted.

When asked why they did this, the developers had this to say:

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Not a good reason ? ... let me see ...

Because it was easy to do ?

Let me try again OK, not that easy; as of today, there is no similar project on Market; the Market is more than two years old, and nobody ever published any Debian or Gentoo Installer. No; the real reason is that we are lame users. And lame users dislike changes. We, as computer users, were used to Linux systems since ages, and did not felt home in Android. Android is nice, it's working, but it's not what we are used to. But Android, as a shell, is based on a Linux kernel; so, we are just adding a second shell above this kernel; and the magic tool to do that is simply chroot. And inside this second shell, we feel free like air, and can do even more things than in a normal Android. First, we can use exactly the same applications as on our desktop (vim, Firefox, (yes, we are thinking about it very seriously)), shells (bash, Perl, python), and server services we enjoy every day (Apache, Samba ... will allow you to use your phone exactly like a normal Linux Laptop, sharing files around), or do nasty things we will tell about in a serious public website.
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