I've been looking for answers to my black ops freezing issue. Hoping someone might have had the same issue and found a resolve. I get online and try to join a game. It gets to a lobby just fine. After the count down, it freezes. I have to wait around a min or longer for it to start. Once it does start, I'm a late join obviously, but it works fine. No lag or other issues. When the game finishes and it's about to return to the lobby, it freezes again. That last between 5 to 30sec. There have been times it froze long enough to kick me out of the lobby. Soon I will go out and get another copy of Black ops to see if that is the issue, but I shouldn't have to. I had a new copy, and it worked great the first couple days. I haven't moved the ps3, and I've checked my internet several times. I have noticed, before the freezing stops, I hear the laser moving, or the disk spinning. Please help if you can, or playstation will not like me.