CommandSpot is a tweak that adds some functionality to SpotLight! It adds these shortcuts to your SpotLight search:

  • Respring –Respring Springboard
  • Turn off –Power off your device
  • Reboot –Restart your device
  • Settings –Launch the Settings app
  • Wifi –Launch the Wi-fi settings for your device
  • Sms –Launch and compose a new text message
  • Mail –Launch and compose a new e-mail
  • Google –Launch Safari and load Google
  • CNN –Launch Safari and load CNN
  • Bing –Launch Safari and load Bing
  • Yahoo –Launch Safari and load Yahoo
  • Fb –Launch the Facebook app“Fb profile –Launch your profile page in the Facebook app
  • Tw –Launch the Twitter app, Tweetbot, and mobile site also supported
  • Tw user –Search for a user on Twitter
  • Dev –Launch my twitter for comments and suggestions
  • Cmd –Launch Safari with list of commands for CommandSpot

This tweak is similar to MySpotLight but allows a lot more things to be done.

Go here to disable Spotlight completely.

I did not make this video, nor am i responsible for the contents of it.

This tweak is available for free from the ModMyi repo.