Player 1 In-Game Coins [BoxNinja]
0453BB18 3B9AC9FF

Player 2 In-Game Coins [BoxNinja]
0453BB28 3B9AC9FF

Bonus Level Coins [BoxNinja]
045954B4 000F423F
*collect 1 coin to win
*works in Wayne Manor and Arkham Asylum

Activate In-Game Extras (No Purchase Necessary)

Adaptive Difficultly [BoxNinja]
043F9514 01FF0000

Silhouettes [BoxNinja]
043F9530 01FF0000

Beep Beep [BoxNinja]
043F954C 01FF0000

Ice Rink [BoxNinja]
043F9568 01FF0000

Disguise [BoxNinja]
043F9584 01FF0000

Extra Toggle [BoxNinja]
043F95A0 01FF0000

Score x2 [BoxNinja]
043F95BC 010F0000

Score x4 [BoxNinja]
043F95D8 01100000

Score x6 [BoxNinja]
043F95F4 01110000

Score x8 [BoxNinja]
043F9610 01120000

Score x10 [BoxNinja]
043F962C 01130000

Stud Magnet [BoxNinja]
043F9648 01140000

Character Studs [BoxNinja]
043F9664 01150000

Minikit Detector [BoxNinja]
043F9680 01160000

Power Brick Detector [BoxNinja]
043F969C 01170000

Always Score Multiply [BoxNinja]
043F96B8 01180000

Fast Build [BoxNinja]
043F96D4 01190000

Immune to Freeze [BoxNinja]
043F96F0 011A0000

Regenerate Hearts [BoxNinja]
043F970C 011B0000

Extra Hearts [BoxNinja]
043F9728 011C0000

Invincibility [BoxNinja]
043F9744 011D0000