[ HELP ]

Hi guys, So i dont think im a MOD noob as i Modded a bit in Black ops but here's the problem.

So what i need is a MW3 MOD that works past the 118.4.5 hotfix. All i want to do is input new values for all my stats (ALL categories) as my profile was hacked. I know all my actual stat values so thats not a problem. for the moment my only concern is fixing my stats. So what i was thinking is using pwnzers MOD which has the insane/legit stat editor categories, go in there and change those values to my own. they dont have all the stats listed so i figured i would add the extra stats in the script (Ties, killstreak, winstreak). now i tried this and it hasnt worked, i get a compile error message when trying to enter private match. Im not sure if i have to input my profile name somewhere in the script which i did not. Do i have to input my profile name somewhere? if so, where? Is there anything else i'm forgetting to do? I'm using FX legacy viewer and trucha signer and all that so thats not the problem. i tried other MODS but i cant locate where the insane/legit stat values are, they're not in the dd.gsc file.

Or is there a better way to edit one's stats? i tried the gecko code stat modifiers but they didn't really work. Any Help would be much appreciated, thanks

Just to re-emphasize, my ONLY concern is changing ALL my stat values. What's the best way to achieve that? Thanks again