I know many of you have no idea who i am, and don't give a shit about anything i say, but i would appreciate alot if you read this whole post anyways..

I recently started playing this new MMO called Star Wars: The Old Republic, and i really enjoy the game alot.

Few days ago i decided to make a new character, because the main one started to bore me, and wanted to try leveling this new char with mostly PVP combat, and started this new channel just for it.

I would appreciate so much if you could give it a few seconds to like the video, and subscribe to the channel, it would help me so much to get even a few subs from here, because my dream has been for long time to be a famous youtuber, it would just be soo sweet :P

I really hope that everyone reading this and has a youtube account, could at least click the link and the "like" button just to help me