It's been a long time since I've posted a tweak (and thanks to Jew for keeping this section up to date)

As you all are aware off, if you try to sync to another computer than your own you will lose all your shit. But now there's a cydia tweak which will allow you to sync stuff from other computer without losing your shit.

Its called MultiTunes and it allows you to sync your iDevice across multiple computers. It basically creates separate profiles or libraries to sync your music to. This jailbreak tool is real easy to set up.

You just tap the plus sign to add a new computer or an additional library other than your default one to the list. Just plug your iPhone, and MultiTunes will sync the music library. Its doesnt delete your old music files or data.

When you have to sync with an iTunes library different from the default one, launch the app, and select the name you would like to give to the target computer.

You can easily switch between profiles in the app to load different accounts. You can download MultiTunes for free from the BigBoss repo.