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    Default TUT on how to make a Speed/teleport (same concept) code

    Way 1:

    Speed/teleport (same concept)
    stay in one spot
    search 00000000 32 bit
    run while sprinting
    search greater than

    Way 2:

    1)standing = 00000000
    2)running = greather than
    3)standing = Less than
    4)standing = Equal
    5)running = Greather than

    Way 3:

    A speed modifier is a code that modifies the speed of an in-game character or object. In most cases, this is a 16 or 32-bit signed value in memory. When the character or object is stopped, the value is usually zero.

    1. If the character is stands totally still on the ground, it's a reasonable assumption that the character's speed isn't changing. Start a an unknown value search (initial dump). If the character jitters while standing or something, the Equal To searches mentioned here may need to be skipped. This makes it more difficult to narrow the results, but it's still possible.

    2. Move around a bit, then stand still again. Search Equal To. Repeat this step a couple times to eliminate some junk results.

    3. Now start moving. Without stopping, do a Greater Than search.

    4. Once the character stops or diminishes in speed, do a Less Than search.

    5. Repeat the steps above until the results list is narrowed considerably.

    6. When ready to test some results, try setting the speed to something really low. If the character is going really slowly, a speed mod has been found!

    7. Once the correct address is found, try different values until the desired level of speed is reached. A value set too high may launch the character careening through the level or it may even crash the game.

    8. Once you have your code, it's a good idea to put an activator on it. Else, the character will always be moving at fast speeds. Some good choices for activators include a "moving/not moving" flag in memory, or even button activators if an alternative isn't found.

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