How To Find Button Activators:

Alright, today we will find button activators for Wii games.
To get started, please boot a Wii game (any one, I suggest an earlier release, some good ones would be Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros Brawl, MK Wii, etc)

Now please open up WiiRD. Alright, assuming it hooked right you can search for things now, which we will do in a second.

Next open your Windows Calculator.

Now we have all the tools we need. We must use some resources now.

These are the tables for the button values for all Wii games.

GCN[Wired] Wii[And Nunchuck] Classic Controller
L 0001 L 0001 U+ 0001
R 0002 R 0002 L+ 0002
D 0004 D 0004 Zr 0004
U 0008 U 0008 X 0008
Z 0010 + 0010 A 0010
R 0020 2 0100 Y 0020
L 0040 1 0200 B 0040
A 0100 B 0400 Zl 0080
B 0200 A 0800 R 0200
X 0400 - 1000 + 0400
Y 0800 Z 2000 - 1000
S 1000 C 4000 L 2000
HOME 8000 D+ 4000
R+ 8000

Here's how we will find the controller values. In the WiiRD known search box, type in the value for A on the controller you want to find. Make sure your search type is 16 bits! In this case, I will use 0100, and a Wired Gamecube Controller in the first slot. Hold A down and search for it's value. Now, assuming you have quite a few results, hold another button down on the same controller and search for its value. Repeat.

Eventually you should get one result. Left click and poke this, then copy the first 32 bits. (The first 8 numbers before the space)

Now we have our controller's code. Let's say we tested it on Super Smash Brothers Brawl USA and we get 0x804DE4B0 as the first wired GCN controller's address. This is correct.

Use this method to find the button activators for all games. The controller's address will change from game to game, HOWEVER THE BUTTON VALUES REMAIN CONSTANT. [See chart

Before you go compiling the address into a code you need to look at the codetypes.

You can either use the 20 or 28 codetypes. 28 has more sanity checks (although 20 should work too) so we'll use that.

After switching the 80 for 28 you'll get 0x284DE4B0

So the example Activator code should be:

284DE4B0 0000XXXX
Replace XXXX with any button value.