DataMonitor is a tweak that shows you a realtime traffic monitor on both your Wifi and data connection, daily or monthly, tons of settings to customize, and more. It allows you to set your monthly data limit, and then configure your status bar to go through various color stages when you use up a certain percentage. For example, it can turn Green when you've used 25%, Orange when you've used 50, and red when you've used 75, to name a few. It has alerts, configuration for a billing date, and more. It's a lot like a tweak i posted about, WeeTrackData.

But, there's more. It also shows available memory, CPU usage, GPU, CPU cores, L1 cache stuff, running processes, much like OmniStat does in your NotificationCenter.

I did not make this video, nor am i responsible for the contents of it.

This tweak is available for free from the BigBoss repo.