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I'm not sure if this completely works but people have said this works after the patch.
Also I'm not sure if this has been posted before, if it has sorry.

Non-Host Predator Missile [x +JESTER+ x]
04A1C8EC 13007E00
04A1C8F0 0A000B00
04A1C8F4 8C000000
04A1C8F8 27000900
04A1C904 6C002B00
04A1C910 70000000
04A1C908 44003000
04A1C928 00760010
04A1C92C 000C000A
04A1C930 0007000A
04A1C934 000E0022
04A1C938 0003000F
*1*Copy the modded class with this code and copy it onto any other class
I think you could change the class up and it would still work im not sure though*
*2*Go into strike package and pick specialist*
*3*Pick any 1 perk you want from there*
*4*go into any match and get 4/5 kills*
*5*have fun